World Series Where To Watch Live

Bryce Harper and the Philadelphia Phillies are currently in the middle of a spectacular run. After defeating all of the Cardinals, Braves, and Padres in their quest to win 2022’s MLB World Series, the team that is seeded the lowest in the National League has a two-games-to-one advantage over the highly favored Houston Astros.

The Phillies won one of the two matches in Houston before returning home for Game 3, in which they hit five homers on their way to the 7-0 victory in Game 3 on Tuesday. Game 4 is scheduled for tonight. It’s a night game. Astros will send their ace Justin Verlander to the hill, while the Phillies will respond with Noah Syndergaard. It is set at 8:03 pm ET (5:03 pm PST) and broadcast on Fox.

Here’s how you can stream every game during the World Series on live-streaming TV services.

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What’s the schedule of TV to watch this year’s World Series?

The two remaining games of the best-of-7 series will be located in Philly, and the final two, if required, will be played in Houston. Each game will be broadcast on Fox. (All times are ET.)

  • Game 1: Phillies won 6-5
  • Game 2: Astros won 5-2
  • Game 3 Phillies defeated 7-0
  • Game 4Astros against Phillies in the afternoon on November. 2, at 8:03 pm.
  • Game 5:Astros at Phillies on Thursday, November. 3. at 8.03 pm.
  • Game 6 Phillies to Astros on the Saturday of November. 5th at 8:03 pm (if needed)
  • Game 7Phillies against Astros in a game on Sunday, November. 6, at 8:30 pm (if required)

What channels should I use to view to watch the World Series?

Just Fox. All games of the World Series will be shown on Fox.

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How do I stream the World Series without cable?

The five major live-streaming services include Fox, However. Not all services carry every local network. So, make sure you make sure to check each of these links to be sure that it is able to carry Fox in your region.

If you are in an area that has good reception, then you are able to enjoy Fox for free on the over-the-air broadcast channels by connecting an inexpensive (under 30 dollars) indoor antenna to virtually every television.

YouTube TV

Carry Fox for $65 per month.

YouTube TV costs $65 per month and is included with Fox. Enter your zip number on the home page to determine the local channels available in your region. Learn more about the YouTube TV review.

Watch on YouTube TV

Hulu comes with Live TV.

Carry Fox for $70 per month.

Hulu, which comes with Live TV, costs $70 a month and also includes Fox. Go to the “View channels available in your local area” link on the home page to determine the local channels available within your zip code. Check out our Hulu Live TV review. Live TV review.

DirecTV Stream

Carry Fox for $70 per month.

DirecTV Stream’s basic$70-a month package also includes Fox. You can utilize its Channel Lookup Tool to determine which channels are available locally, depending on where you live. 

Carry Fox for $70 per month.

FuboTV’s Family plan is $70 per month, and it includes Fox. Visit this page to check out the local channels that are included. Check out the FuboTV evaluation.

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Carries Fox in small areas for $35 a month

Sling’s $50 per month Orange Blue and Blue package comes with Fox; however, it’s only a small number of regions. Check out the full Sling TV review.

Take a look at Sling TV.

The Live TV streaming service listed above has free trials that let you cancel at any time and require a strong internet connection. Are you looking for more information? Take a look at the live-TV streaming guide.

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