Winter In Vail Cast and Filming Details

Hallmark is one the most trusted networks for getting our Christmas films every year. The network also releases several films outside of Christmas. The Winterfest is Hallmark’s annual winter run of films. Hallmark has welcomed the new year for five consecutive years by showing five new films yearly.

Winterfest 2020’s first film is “Winter In Vail.” Terry Ingram, who has directed many T.V. movies over the years, directs the film. Ingram was also associated with two Christmas films in 2019, ‘Time for You To Come Home for Christmas’ and ‘The Mistletoe Secret.

“Winter in Vail” centers on the story of Chelsea, an event organizer who is upset about losing her promotion. At this moment, luck turns its sour on Chelsea, and she inherits a huge chalet in Vail, Colorado. A local contractor named Owen meets Chelsea, and they begin to form a sweet relationship. The film is about Chelsea’s journey to decide if she wants to move from Los Angeles to start a new life in Colorado.

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Winter in Vail Cast

Lacey Chabert plays the central role of Chelsea in the film. Lacey Chabert has been associated for a while with Hallmark. She has worked in productions such as ‘Christmas In Rome,’ ‘Love on Safari,’ ‘Moonlight in Vermont,’ ‘The Sweetest Christmas,’ ‘Matchmaker Santa,’ ‘My Secret Valentine,’ and many others. Her most well-known role is that of Gretchen Wieners on ‘HT0_ Mean Girls ‘.

Hallmark has worked with Tyler Hynes, who plays Chelsea’s love interest, Owen, in this film. He can be seen in Hallmark’s 2018 Christmas movie ‘It’s Christmas Eve and the 2019 Christmas film ‘The Mistletoe Secret. His television roles include ‘UnREAL’ and ‘Letterkenny. Chris W. Cook and Sage Kitchen star as important characters. Greg Lawson, Greg Lawson, Bud Klasky, and Liana Shannon also play roles in the film.

Winter in Vail Filming Locations

Because of budget limitations, locations are a major concern for T.V. movies with small budgets, like “Winter In Vail.” These films are made by independent production companies that simply can’t afford the luxury of large Hollywood studios. These films are shot mostly indoors, with some locations in Canada that offer tax incentives. The makers of Vail, however, haven’t chosen to only travel this route. They shot their film in Vail and other parts of Canada.

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Vail, Colorado

The majority of the film was shot in Vail, Colorado. The Children’s Fountain is one of the main attractions in Vail. This scene opens ‘Winter In Vail.’ The famous Covered Bridge of Vail is featured in this scene shot on a snowy morning. The director originally planned to film a ski scene in Vail, but Chabert’s inexperience in skiing forced him to cancel the project.

In “Winter In Vail” also used other locations: Vail Square, Kemo Sabe, and a bell tower. According to reports, the drone shot will allow viewers to view the entire town from a high vantage point.

Calgary, Alberta

Some parts of the film were also shot in Vail. Details of exact locations are not yet available.

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