Why Was Vell Kicked Off From The Hype? Where is He Now?

The show was developed with Rachelle Mendez, David Collins, Rob Eric, and Michael Williams; HBO Max’s “The Hype” is an upcoming style reality show which offers the most creative creators in the US the chance to showcase their talents. The show showcases a variety of streetwear designers who are hoping to win the cash prize of $150,000 and the possibility of being signed by their instructors Bephie Birkett Marni Senofante and Offset. Through the show, participants are provided with numerous opportunities that are guaranteed to enhance their careers.

The show’s second season has been a hit with viewers, and the designers who are part of it have already gained a cult following. But, among the more mysterious and fascinating developments on the show has changed the spotlight to Vell Beck, who is one of the contestants in season 2. The sudden departure of Vell Beck from the program has many of the viewers wanting to know more about the reasons that could have led to his departure. So, if you are interested in the same thing and wondering what the fashion designer’s status is now, we’ve got you covered!

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Why Was Vell Beck Kicked Off From The Hype?

Vell Beck is a fashion designer from Harlem, New York; his brand name is VBNYC. In the initial episode, he landed an appearance in the top 10 due to his clothing collection that the co-signers previously shopped through. Vell also took part in the initial challenge, in which contestants were challenged to bring life to their versions of their luxury streetwear. At the same time, his work impressed the three judges in charge and the guests of honor; however, it didn’t earn the prize. The same can be said of his performance in the second round of challenges.

However, during the initial stages of the 3rd contest, viewers could see Vell in conflict against Dominique Wilkins, AKA Domo. He was not satisfied that certain designers didn’t know how to sew correctly. His anger was concentrated on Alezander, the winner of the second contest, despite having no experience with the sewing machine. Domo’s actions seemed to anger Vell, who is not experienced in the technique of sewing. The verbal argument was heated, and both said they’d be the best and the other be their accomplices.

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The issue appeared to be a thing of the past when it came to modeling the phase of the third competition, where world-class skaters showed off their outfits designed by the designers created for their models. Vell was also praised for his style choices. However, he was required to keep safety in mind due to the number of holes in his pants and how they exposed his legs while skating.

Everything was going smoothly. All was well and good when Khanh Ngo was declared the contest winner. However, when the contestants returned to their work areas to wait for the judge’s decision, they discovered that Vell was not there. The host Speedy Morman addressed the contestants and shocked them by informing them that he had been asked to leave the show due to “some of the unfortunate decisions” that he made off-camera. Vell’s actions were alleged to violate the rules of off-camera that had to be followed by the contestants, and he was then removed from the show.

Since Speedy did not provide details on the circumstances that led to Vell’s departure, the internet is rife with speculation on the similar. The abruptness of Vell’s departure has people thinking about what the designer could have done differently. There are theories that Vell’s actions could be related to his fight with Domo. Additionally, his absence of appearance on social accounts was not without notice.

Fans contacted Vell regarding his decision to leave the show via the Instagram comments section. The designer eventually responded to one message and said he’d be letting the world know what happened. However, there are no official announcements from the show’s creators about the occasion.

Where is Vell Beck Now?

At the moment, Vell Beck seems to be more focused on his work than ever before. The singer has received a lot of notice due to his appearance on ‘The Hippe and has experienced an impressive increase in recognition. While he’s not very engaged on social networks, the Harlem-based designer will communicate with the public as necessary.

As of this writing, Vell is still working determinedly to make his business, VBNYC, popular; anyone interested in purchasing clothing from the collection of the brand can shop online through the website. Additionally, he’s married and enjoys spending time with his spouse. No matter what happened on the show, We would like to wish the designer all the best of luck in his career and wish him an exciting future.

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