Why Was Randy Cox Arrest? Man left paralyzed in custody by New Haven Police, seeks $100 million in damages

New HAVEN, Conn. The family of one man who was paralyzed during police custody by New Haven Police is now suing the city for 100 million dollars in damages.

The incident was recorded on camera. We warn that the footage could be difficult to view.

Randy Cox has been paralyzed from the chest to the floor since being taken into custody in June by New Haven Police. The police arrested him for illegally possessing an assault weapon.

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Why Was Randy Cox Arrest?

The 36-year-old was sitting alone in the back of a police van in handcuffs when the van’s driver abruptly stopped and sent Cox straight into the door.

After officers opened the car’s rear, Cox told them he could not move and even stated that he believed his neck was broken. However, they took Cox out of the van with his feet.

He was processed inside an automobile and then taken to an isolation cell.

Five officers were later put on administrative leave.

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“What occurred to Randy Cox never should have been happening, and if you affirm that we value Randy Cox’s story … then we must prove that by doing something about it,” said Benjamin Crump, the attorney for Cox.

Cox was recently admitted to the hospital for complications resulting from his injuries.

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