Why Did Kristen Hager’s Dr. Stevie Hammer Leave Chicago Med?

For the 7th season of the NBC medical drama “Chicago Med,” Doctor. Stevie Hammer joins Gaffney Chicago Medical Center as a new physician attending. After arriving from Chicago after a trip to Michigan, Hammer focuses on the health of her mother, Terri. She is homeless and suffering from addiction to alcohol and drugs. Hammer also makes a connection and a friendship with the doctor.

Will Halstead, whom she is familiar with from her time at medical school. The viewers had hoped to see a romantic relationship between Will and Hammer. Hammer leaves Gaffney leaving the show, which opens the way for Kristen Hager’s demise from the show, too. If you’re keen to find out the motive for the actress’s disappearance and the possibility that she will return to her medical show, we’ve been there for you!

What made Kristen Hager’s Dr Stevie Hammer Leave Chicago Med?

Following her arrival in Chicago, Stevie Hammer tries to support her mother, who is homeless, despite her mother’s constant refusing the medical assistance Hammer offers her. In the fourteenth episode of the seventy-seventh season, Hammer solves her dilemma by reuniting with Terri, and she can receive medical attention. After resolving her problems regarding Terri, Hammer leaves Gaffney and Chicago to return to Michigan to offer her husband a second chance at marriage.

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In the words of the show’s co-showrunner Andrew Schneider, the completion of the story arc that Hammer was in paved an opening for the actress’s defection from the program. “We thought we’d completed her story about her mother and then we decided to end it,” Schneider told Variety. “What’s going on with Stevie at the moment is that she’s returning to try to get back in touch with her husband and to make that the work it is,” added co-showrunner Diane Frolov to Variety in the same interview.

In the month of March 2022, which was just one month before Hager’s exit from the show, the actress revealed she was pregnant. Although neither the show’s producers nor Hager had mentioned the actress’s pregnancies as the main reason for her departure, it was difficult to incorporate this information in the Hammer storyline, even if Hager was a character in the medical drama.

Do Kristen Hager’s Dr Stevie Hammer Return to Chicago Med?

Following Kristen Hager’s departure from the show, the show’s showrunners Diane Frolov and Andy Schneider confirmed that Hager’s return to Hammer is a real possibility for the future. “We all loved Kristen and would love to see her character returning shortly,” Frolov and Schneider informed Deadline. Given that Hammer is alive and well in Michigan and is still alive, the possibility of a return to Gaffney is not completely excluded. “[…] The best thing about the ‘One Chicago’ show is that if the character’s still alive, the character could be revived,” Schneider told Variety in the same interview.

Even though Hammer is set to move to Michigan to redress her married life with her husband, who is estranged from her, The show hasn’t indicated that she’ll succeed. According to Frolov, the future that will determine the fate of Hammer and her husband’s union remains “up in the open.” Frolov also revealed that Hammer is a character who has “the possibility of returning.” As the show’s producers haven’t announced when the return will occur, we might be waiting a bit for the return of Hammer returning to Gaffney.

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Should Hammer and her spouse’s relationship not be in the scope of change, we may consider her leaving Michigan for Chicago to spend time at home with her mom Terri. If this is the case, the possibility of returning to Gaffney could turn out to be the next stage in the medical profession of the attending physician. Hager’s potential return could open the door to an intimate relationship with Hammer and Will, something that fans of the show wanted to see happen during the seventh season.

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