Why Did Kanan Kill Jukebox on Power | Jukebok Death Explained!

Starz’s crime_drama series, Power, which aired from 2014 to 2020, was a huge success and led to the creation of a vast franchise. ‘Power Book III, Raising Kanan’ is one of many spin-offs. It focuses on Kanan Stark’s younger years (Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) as an adult and Mekai Curtis (young), who was later to be a notorious villain (later anti-villain).

The prequel shows how a young, compassionate man like Kenan ends up the way he does. We also find out how close Kenan and his cousin Laverne Thomas (“Jukebox”) (Anika Niros as an adult and Hailey Kilgore when they were both young) were.

It is especially sad to know the ending of their story, Kanan shooting down Jukebox. We have the answers to your questions about why Kanan killed Jukebox.

How did Jukebox die?

Jukebox is a key recurring character in the original series. From her past, she knows Kanan as well as Ghost. We learn about her brutality and cruelty shortly after she is introduced. Her crew members make mistakes and cause her problems, which she doesn’t accept. Jukebox keeps a secret list of young criminals that she uses to steal and commit robberies. Jukebox keeps her suspicions at bay by using her police department connections.

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The Jukebox was a corrupt police officer in the original series. Season 3: Jukebox stops a robbery at a drugstore and kills both the robber and the clerk. She then returns home to her girlfriend. Kanan spends this time at her house to recover his health from a fight with Ghost. Jukebox is comforted by Kanan telling her that Shawn killed her son.

Jukebox offers Kanan the opportunity to join her team as she prepares to strike a jewelry shop. The police investigate the incident, and Jukebox tells them that the robbers are white men. This leads to their investigation going in the opposite direction.

She discovers Kanan is very close to Ghost’s son Tariq. She decides to find out where Ghost’s loyalties lie. She suggests Kanan kill Tariq after he has proven himself. The cousins devise a plan to force Ghost into making a mistake. They take a picture of Tariq and use it to blackmail Ghost.

Season 4 of “Power” sees Ghost being arrested by the cousins. Jukebox sees this as an opportunity for Ghost to make more money. Jukebox abducts Tariq and intends to kill him and his father after Ghost is released. She also sends Kanan to Ghost’s rescue. Ghost and Kanan later steal Tommy’s money so Ghost can pay for the ransom.

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Ironies are not uncommon in the world of “Power.” Kanan is responsible for the death of Jukebox. We are reminded every day of the end of their relationship as we see how close they were when they were children in “Raising Kanan.” Kanan kills Jukebox and holds Tariq hostage at gunpoint. Kanan is forced to confess that he had ulterior motives for getting too close to Tariq.

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