Why Did Christopher Scarver Kill Dahmer? How Did Jeffrey Dahmer die?

The new show DAHMER The new series DAHMER Monster A: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story features Christopher Scarver as performed in the role of Furly Mac.

The new show that has divided viewers, DAHMER Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, has had quite an impact since it was spotted on Netflix.

The show produced by Ryan Murphy dramatizes the authentic story of the famous serial killer, cannibal Jeffrey Dhmer, played by American Horror Story regular Evan Peters, and the tragic deaths of the victims of his crimes.

The show also dramatizes Dahmer’s trial in court and his imprisonment.

One important character in Dahmer’s story is Christopher Scarver, played by Furly Mac. But who exactly is Scarver, and what is his current location?

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Who is Christopher Scarver?

Christopher Scarver is an American known murderer who has been convicted. He is famous for being the one who killed serial murderer Jeffrey Dahmer in 1994 when they both were imprisoned in Columbia Correctional Institution.

In the Wisconsin Conservation Corps, Scarver was a carpenter in training. However, he was unable to stay full-time once his supervisor departed.

In the year 1990, following this incident, Scarver claimed to be having hallucinations in his auditory senses and held a Wisconsin Conservation Corps’ new supervisor, Steve Lohman, at gunpoint, demanding cash. Discontented that he only received $15, Dahmer killed Lohman in the head, killing him.

Scarver wanted additional money from John Feyen, the site’s manager, and after killing Lohman’s body two times, Feyen gave him a $3,000 check.

After Scarver left the scene, he was taken into custody, charged and sentenced to jail for murdering Steve Lohman.

The year 1992 was the time Scarver had been imprisoned in the Columbia Correctional Institution.

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How did Jeffrey Dahmer die?

On November 28, 1994, Jeffrey Dahmer was assigned to work with Christopher Scarver and convicted killer Jesse Anderson.

In the prison gym toilet, where the trio was left alone, Scarver beat Dahmer and Anderson using an iron bar measuring 20 inches from exercise equipment.

When Dahmer returned to his cell in the early hour, officers went to the area and discovered Dahmer and Anderson.

Both were transported to a hospital nearby. Dahmer died one hour later, and Anderson passed away two days later of injuries after being removed from the life-support system.

Dahmer suffered severe injuries to his face and head and was repeatedly struck on the side of the building by Scarver.

While he was being attacked, Dahmer did not react as per Scarver.

What caused Christopher Scarver to kill Jeffrey Dahmer?

As reported by Associated Press, Scarver said to a guard after getting back to the cell, “God instructed me… Jesse Anderson and Jeffrey Dahmer are dead.”

In the words of The New York Times, Scarver had been taking anti-psychotic drugs in prison.

The article states: “Both Mr Dahmer and Mr Anderson are white. Their crimes harmed race relations in Milwaukee. The majority of the victims of Mr Dahmer’s crime were either black or Hispanic, while Mr Anderson, who was killed by his wife, stated that two black men were responsible for the murder.”

Although there was no definitive evidence to prove that Scarver’s actions were motivated by racism, there was speculation that this might be the situation. Scarver had declared himself an innocent victim of racism following his initial life sentence: “Nothing white people do to blacks is wrong.”

Scarver was found competent to stand trial and received two more life sentences for murdering Dahmer and Anderson.

He was not deemed to be suitable to be paroled.

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Is Christopher Scarver today?

Christopher Scarver currently resides in the Centennial Correctional Facility in Colorado.

He filed a civil rights lawsuit against the Wisconsin Secure Program Facility officials for what he claimed was cruel treatment, which he claimed breached his constitutional rights in the wake of Dahmer’s demise.

However, the suit, as well as its appeal following, was unsuccessful in ruling in favour of Scarver.

What was the reason Christopher Scarver killed Jeffrey Dahmer?

Dahmer (portrayed in the role of Evan Peters in the Netflix series Monster Dahmer (played by Evan Peters in the Netflix series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story) was not liked by his fellow prisoners, particularly when he was seen making fake bloody parts of his body from the food he was served in prison. (The real Dahmer was actually the one who did this. Dahmer also reportedly challenged correctional officers with the words the officers “I bit,” according to a report by the New York Post.)

Scarver was imprisoned for murder while also being held in prison with Dahmer and was of the opinion that Dahmer’s spirit crossed a significant moral line. In an interview with the New York Post himself, he talked about the reasons he took a stand and killed Dahmer the morning of November. 28th in 1994.

The report explained that “He Bdahmer was in conflict with a few individuals — prisoners, prison personnel. Some of the people who are in prison are repentant; however, he wasn’t one of them.”

In Monster The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Scarver (played by Furly Mac) is begging the prison librarian to let him investigate the actions Dahmer committed for his victims. He is able to keep an old newspaper clipping along with an account of the things Dahmer did with his pocket.

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