Who Were Wanna Marchi’s Ex-Husbands?

Wanna Marchi was a household name in shopping on teleshopping in Italy in the 1980s and 1990s. She was developing her own empire together with her child. However, everything changed in 2002, when she was charged with fraud.

Netflix’s “Fortune seller”: A Television Scam” is a four-part documentary focusing on her work and personal life over the years. The show also examines Raimondo Nobile and Francesca Campana, Wanna’s initial and later husbands. If you’re interested in more details about these two, we’ll tell you all we know about them.

Who was Wanna Marchi’s Husband?

Wanna got married to Raimondo when she was only 18 years old. Her husband was just 27 when they got married. They were married in 1961. They had two sons: Stefania and Maurizio. In the program, Wanna stated that Raimondo was initially employed as a sales representative of a liquor company. This meant that he was often away from home, but he was not spending much time with family. As time passed, the relationship was strained.

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Wanna revealed during the interview that Raimondo did not receive any money, and she was left to look after the kids. She also claimed that he was often cheating on her. Then, Wanna made it out on her own, beginning as a cosmetics professional and becoming the wildly popular “Queen of Teleshopping” she was later on. But Raimondo, an entrepreneur, claims to be the main reason behind his wife’s success. But after she was popular, she put the man aside.

Then, Raimondo also accused Wanna of making poor investments and business decisions. The show also featured Wanna speaking about Raimondo assaulting her and, at one time, choking her during a heated argument. Stefania said she decided to force her father out of the house and throw away all of his possessions. Following that, Raimondo was seemingly out of their lives. Then, in April of 1988, Wanna met Francesco Campana in an eatery.


Francesco was employed as a technician in the IT industry, and the two met quickly. And their move within one week of their meeting. According to the show, the couple got married in a ceremony along with Stefania and her former partner; however, Francesco and Wanna’s wedding was fake since she hadn’t yet divorced Raimondo. Francesco was by Wanna’s side when she launched her own business with Stefania and another associate, Mario Pacheco Do Nascimento, in 1996.

Francesco was also arrested if Wanna and Stefania were detained on January 1, 2002. According to the program, Francesco was charged with creating and running the system, which manipulated and erased data for the company. At the end of the day, Wanna and Stefania were sent to jail for defrauding customers through deceitful claims regarding their products. Francesco was also sentenced to 3 years in prison.

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What Happened to Wanna Marchi’s Partners Perish?

Raimondo was a popular actor who appeared in numerous interviews since his relationship with Wanna ended. He was a critic of his wife’s ex. In the program, Wanna said that she passed away; however, it’s unclear what happened and when. Francesco, and his wife, Wanna, had been together for several years before they got married in April of 2017. The couple escaped Wanna’s time in prison after Francesco was granted a pardon. He was sentenced to some time in jail and another under house arrest in the legal process.

In the middle of August 2022, Wanna made a public announcement through social media platforms that Francesco was dead. She wrote, “My love, you have provided me with 35 years of joy, love, and happiness; however, all of it will remain in my heart until we see each other again. Thank you, my beloved, and it’s great that everyone says, “you’re a nice person, Have a great journey.” But, the reason for death is not known publicly.

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