Who Was Taylor Hurt | How Did She Die?

Food Network’s “Chopped” is an actual cooking show in which chefs transform an assortment of ingredients they are given into delicious dishes with the chance of winning $10,000. The show’s viewers may have heard of the former participant Taylor Hurt, who captured the national spotlight with her enthusiasm and distinctive recipes.

So in a recent episode, as it ended with a closing card dedicated to her “loving memory,” it was clear that Taylor Hurt had passed away. We’re obviously devastated to learn of her passing. However, we are left wondering what happened. Let’s learn more!

Who Was Taylor Hurt?

At the age of 30, Taylor Hurt seemed to have achieved her goal. Originating from Hattiesburg, Mississippi, she was a sous-chef in The Birdhouse Cafe and Cotton Blues before moving into Brooklyn, New York. As a seasoned professional in New York, Taylor was employed at LaRina Pastificio and Vino, the modern Italian restaurant serving hand-made pasta, cocktails, and beers. Taylor had also created several unique recipes and was successful enough to see their work included in the “Be Nourished cookbook. Through time, she’d been serving at several restaurants in NYC, which is why her experience was a good illustration of her motivation.

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When Taylor was on the show ‘Chopped,’ she did not take home the trophy. But, she did charm the culinary world with her delicious three-course meals and her stunning presentation. However, her enthralling lifestyle was short-lived when she passed away on November 29, 2020. According to her obituary, her main goal was to be a part of a renowned cooking show. And she was able to do it by herself. Taylor will be missed by her loving family members, including her parents Gary, Luvith Hurt Del Sanders, Kay Cameron, and her sister Vivian Hurt. The girl she was at the moment was Paige Pirtle, who is still able to remember and misses her.

How Did Taylor Hurt Die?

At present, the cause of Taylor Hurt’s demise hasn’t been released. The family of Taylor Hurt or her husband has expressed concern regarding the matter. In reality, the cooking show was the only proof of her death for many. Some speculated as to the reason Taylor wasn’t posting on her various social media accounts. However, no one thought that her death was the only reason. The final post on Instagram of her Instagram account is from November 19, 2020, exactly ten days before her sudden passing away. The post promotes her professional career and her cookbook ‘Be Nourished.’

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In all honesty, Brandi Emmons Lott on Facebook recently posted an announcement that suggested that Taylor may have fallen victim to an addiction. The caption read, “It really was a joy to meet you again, Taylor M. Hurt. You were like a confident person in Chopped as well. I’m satisfied with you! Addiction is the most criminal! We are so proud of you, big Tater! !” From what we can determine, Brandi is a Mississippi native, too. However, we don’t know if she had any contact with Taylor or any other information regarding what transpired in her personal life. So until Taylor’s family divulges any information, if ever there is any, we are left with speculation. 

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