Who Was Rae Pelletier | Where is Douglas Le Now?

Investigation Discovery’s “Web of lies the Enemy Within” is a really baffling show that reveals the lengths people will be willing to go to and the boundaries they can break to satisfy their perpetual desire for intimate relationships. In this shocking case, the target of a man who could be described as a predator was a teenager who lived in Northern California.

He snarled at high school students with a fake Facebook profile named “Rae Pelletier,” posing as a girl who was just arriving in town seeking companionship and tricking the users into sending explicit posts. Let’s learn more about “Rae Pelletier,” shall we?

Who Was Rae Pelletier?

Rae Pelletier never truly existed. Her profile was posted on Facebook during the summer of 2014. However, nobody realized for a time that, even though she claimed to be a teen, every picture on her account was one of a porn actor. In the following one and a half years, at the very least, she utilized the instant messaging feature on social media platforms to send explicit photos and videos to boys from the area in exchange for explicit messages. This continued through 2016 when Facebook noticed and warned the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that Rae Pelletier may be inappropriately engaging with minors.

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The information was immediately sent to Silicon Valley’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force which launched an inquiry into the issue and found out the identity of Douglas Le, a 25-year-old Chemistry teacher in Gilroy High School from San Jose was the one who was behind the story. According to police reports, the initial investigation showed that Douglas Le received explicit media-related content from minors (at least five of them were in his class) as they believed they were romantically linked to Rae. On April 26, 2016, the search warrant executed at Douglas, his parents’ home, yielded numerous electronic devices, proving that this theory was true.

Douglas was detained during his honors chemistry class the same day. He was placed in the county’s Santa Clara Main Jail. According to reports, Douglas was involved in contact with around 500 children. But, as only nine of the victims could be positively identified, and evidence suggested other victims that he had been involved with, he was arrested on 19 felony charges. They included possessing materials that portray an individual engaging in or mimicking sexual acts, nine counts of communicating with children to be a criminal, and nine additional charges of sending harmful material to minors. A separate misdemeanor charge of harassing or molesting children was also inflicted on the defendant.

According to KNTV station, Douglas’ LinkedIn profile states that he graduated from the University of California – Berkeley with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Biology in 2012. and then received his Master’s Degree in Teaching from Brown University a year later. The following year, Douglas started working at Gilroy High School after passing the Department of Justice and the FBI’s background check for criminals and fingerprint test.

The first complaint against him was made in 2014, and the school’s authorities believed that the complaint was not considered serious. According to a legal action filed by a civil court that stems from the misdemeanor charge that was mentioned earlier, he began messaging “several sexually harassing text messages” to an unidentified girl of 15 in his chemistry class from early in the year. He had referred to oral sexual relations, what size her mouth is, and threatened to feign defecation upon her.

Where is Douglas Le Now?

Douglas Le managed to pay the bond of $50,000 and was released in California. The state of California before he was indicted for the first time during the summer of 2016 when he decided not to plead. So, a judge imposed his detention with a bail of $475,000. In the end, however, on February 3 2017, he admitted guilt to 19 felonies, and, in March the same month, he was sentenced to spend a comparatively light sixteen months in jail. However, the verdict had no impact on Douglas. For instance, on October 16, the same day that Douglas was on parole, Douglas was detained once more in connection with taking part in sexual activities with minors.

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At least on two separate occasions during September, the well-known sexual predator arranged to meet with a minor for sexually explicit and sexually explicit activities on Grindr, even though they knew their age. The victim bravely reported the incident, which led to Douglas being charged with two counts of making contact with minors for sexual reasons and two counts of making arrangements to meet a minor to provide pleasure, in addition to two counts of sodomy. That same month, he was convicted in no contest and was sentenced to four years in prison. But Douglas was granted early release in 2020. This means that he’s an unrestricted San Jose citizen with a risk of “well above average,” according to the city’s reports.

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