Who Plays Dr. Elizabeth Wilder in New Amsterdam?

In the 4th season of the NBC medical drama “New Amsterdam,” Doctor. Helen Sharpe completes her move to London as the medical director at her former employer. To fill Helen’s chief oncology job, Dr. Max Goodwin hires Dr. Elizabeth Wilder, who wins the respect of her coworkers and department heads.

Wilder is a key player in the formation of the Resistance, which is created by the department heads when Dr. Veronica Fuentes replaces Max at New Amsterdam. In the event that Max and Helen split, Wilder extends her support to the former.

When the character is made an important part of the institution, viewers might also be interested in knowing more about the actor who is the doctor. So, let us share the information we have!

Who is Dr. Elizabeth Wilder in New Amsterdam?

Sandra Mae Frank, who plays Abigail in the film ‘Zoey’s Amazing Playlist in the film, plays the role of Dr. Elizabeth Wilder. Born in Louisville, Kentucky, Frank’s interest in acting began when she was a part of the school’s production of ‘Crimes from the Heart’ when she was an incoming freshman in high school.

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After enrolling at Gallaudet University in the year of her education student Frank later changed her major to acting. Her breakthrough as an actor came in 2015 when she made her Broadway debut as Wendla Bergmann in the production in the Broadway musical “Spring Awakening.’

Following her Broadway premiere, the actress appeared in several T.V. shows, which include ‘Switched at Birth “Reverse Polarity,’ and Daybreak. She was also in the cast of films such as “Season Of Love, “Entangled,” and “Soul to Keep.

Following her appearance on ‘Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist,’ Frank joined the fourth season of “New Amsterdam” as a regular cast member and was promoted into the principal cast prior to the start to the start of season five. Because the actress plays a deaf character on the show, viewers will likely wonder if she is deaf too. Let’s learn more.

Are the Dr. Elizabeth Wilder Deaf in Real Life?

Sandra Mae Frank is deaf in real life. Her hearing loss occurred at age three. After attending Louisville Deaf Oral School, currently called Heuser Hearing Institute and Learning Academy, Frank joined DuPont Manual High School, where she was on stage in the show ‘Crimes from the Heart.’

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“The school wasn’t expecting an actor who was deaf in part,” Frank told Television Academy in sign language, which was voiced through an interpreter. “But I’d just mentioned that I would like to audition and said that I’m aware that the role doesn’t belong to an individual who is deaf, but I could definitely be able to do it. Then I convinced them to play another character that I am my interpreter and friend,” she explained.

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