Who Is Tamika Pratt In All American?

‘ All American” is an American sports-themed TV show that is known for its focus on the life of young black people. The show was inspired by actual stories from Spencer Paysinger, a professional American footballer. The show has just completed its 3rd season and has already set the internet on fire with debates about the 11th episode.

The episode is titled “The Bigger Picture,” the drama focuses on the relationships between police and members of the Black community in the aftermath of Tamika Pratt’s murder. If you’re interested to learn more about the identity of Tamika will be and how she is affected by what she does with her, then you’re in the right place to be!

Who Is Tamika Pratt in All American?

Tamika Pratt is a fictional young Black woman who is shot down by the police after she’s found asleep within her automobile. The show’s main character, Olivia, is particularly affected by this incident since her experience could have become the same as Tamika’s, had she not been Laura’s daughter. Laura is a White woman and is the District Attorney for Los Angeles County. What really afflicts Olivia particularly hard is the difference between how she was treated and Tamika’s treatment by the authorities.

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You might remember that Olivia was involved in a vehicle accident in episode 8 of season 3. The actress is drunk. However, the police take her home after discovering her mother’s identity. The problem is that Tamika wasn’t given the same level of leniency. We find out that the woman was also drunk but chose to rest instead of driving. However, she is forced to lose her life as an officer shoots her. Olivia decides to speak about the injustices thrown at Tamika on her podcast, becoming the “Justice for Tamika movement.

Following George Floyd’s murder George Floyd on May 25, 2020, many television shows incorporated into their shows the Black Lives Matter movement, systemic racism, as well as police brutality. You’ll be surprised to learn that show’s creator Nkechi Okoro Carroll presented Tamika Pratt’s storyline to writers in March of 2020 before that tragic Floyd incident shocked the country. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Carroll declared that they’d be sure to incorporate this storyline since it was based on real fears of people who are real. As a mother of two little Black males, Carroll poured her heart out in the script.

She said, “I hoped that by the time we got to this storyline, the thing I’d be battling the most is that it would feel outdated.” But the 11th episode came out in a crucial and heartbreaking context of the political turmoil in the USA. On April 20, 2021, a different Black teenager, Ma’Khia, was shot to death by police officers in Columbus, Ohio. The incident occurred just one hour before Derek Chauvin was pronounced guilty in the court of law of his murder. George Floyd.

Carroll added, “It’s going to feel like I wrote it last week, and that breaks my heart because it means we haven’t made the forward movement that I was hoping.” Episode 3 of the season’s first season also explored how the Black neighborhood and law enforcement when the police stop Spencer and Jordan at Beverly Hills. In Tamika’s case, Carroll specifically wanted to bring attention to the experiences of younger Black females, as the police actions which involve them don’t get the same attention as those that involve Black males.

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The show’s creator stated that Tamika Pratt’s storyline will run over several episodes and will involve more characters. As we all know, Olivia releases video footage from Tamika’s bodycam of her murder via her mother’s laptop to ensure that the police officer responsible for the young woman’s death is prosecuted. This bold action by Olivia will result in significant consequences, not just for Laura and Laura but also for the Baker family.

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