Who is Miriam Amirault | Is She Married?

“The Curse of Oak Island” is a documentary series about History. It follows the Lagina twins, Rick and Marty, as they search for the legendary treasure on the Island close to Nova Scotia, Canada. Over the centuries, many have tried to find the treasure but have failed. Each episode of this series reveals the mystery of the Island.

Rick and Marty set out on their mission with much planning about the equipment and know-how. They also have an archaeologist team, historians, researchers, and archaeologists who can assist them. Miriam Amirault is one such person who made her debut as a guest on the 8th episode of season 8. The young and confident lady soon attracted fans’ attention by learning the details about her. Here’s everything we have!

Who is Miriam Amirault?

Miriam Amirault is an archaeologist who graduated from the University of New Brunswick (UNB) in the spring of 2020. She has a Bachelor’s degree with Honors from the field of Anthropology and a concentration in Classical Studies.

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Her passion and commitment exhibits for her subject could lead one to believe that becoming an archaeologist was her goal. In reality, Miriam decided to pursue the field on the spur of the moment. She wanted to study at UNB because it was the school her father attended as a child. Miriam was able to attend the University during her last year of high school. One of the reasons for her choice could be that it’s just several hours away from where she resides, situated in Digby, Nova Scotia.

Miriam’s archaeology field adventures began in her second year at the University. Professor. Aaron Taylor invited her to join the excavations in Cuba. She believed it was the ideal opportunity to learn about the archaeology field and whether she really enjoyed it. It was a good thing she enjoyed it; that was only the beginning. This connection also allowed her to join the History Channel’s documentary series. Dr Taylor asked her to join the team once she had graduated.

Miriam has a personality that has numerous interests and is always open to new experiences. As quickly as she became interested in archaeology and archaeology, she also found an interest in Forensics when attending UNB. She has said that following her appearance in ‘The Curse of Oak Island, she plans to pursue a degree in Forensics and Forensics at Humber College, Toronto.

Is Miriam Amirault Dating Alex Lagina?

There isn’t much information about Miriam. However, people are always talking about the romance of the archaeologist in her 20s. While we know she has not been married. It’s not known if she’s engaged to anyone at present. The program viewers claim that they see a spark between Miriam Amirault and Alex Lagina. However, there haven’t been any words spoken about by either. It’s not unexpected since both of them prefer to hide their private lives from the spotlight.

If you’re hoping to support Alex and Miriam could be disappointed. A few sources have revealed that Alex has a romantic relationship with the fashion blog and influencer on social media, Katherine Sneed. The couple has been known to post pictures of their travels. Sneed is reported to have posted an Instagram post-Instagram in 2020, where she wished Alex for his birthday. She concluded the post by declaring that she was looking forward to traveling with him soon.

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For Miriam, the actress, many people consider her attractive, which means she should be receiving lots of attention from potential lovers. Since her documentary show has placed her in the spotlight and her private life private could soon be a challenge. Although it appears that she’s not dating at present, the multi-faceted girl is determined to shape her future and learn all she can.

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