Who is Leaving 911 2022? Who Will Be Leaving 911?

Who’s leaving 911 In 2022? Season 6 of 911 is just beginning, and it is evident that some characters are likely to depart, and the viewers are interested to find out who is leaving 911 in 2022. This article contains the entire list of who Will Be Leaving 911 in 2022. To find out who is departing 911, check out the following article thoroughly.


To be broadcast by the Fox Broadcasting Company, Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Tim Minear created the procedural TV series 9-1-1. The show is centered around Los Angeles dispatchers, paramedics, firefighters, and police officers. The show was given an extension of its 6th season in May. The show was launched on September 19, 2022.

Who is leaving 911 in 2022?

The season just started; however, it appears that there is always someone going to leave the show. In each season, there is someone going away, and their goodbyes will always be a long-lasting goodbye. This season, there is a character departing, perhaps two? We’ve added our suspicions about who is departing in this report. The information is not yet confirmed. It’s just an assumption. There is no confirmation of their withdrawal from the series.

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Is Maddie Leaving 911 2022?

In season 5, Maddie suddenly ups and goes on leave. She stayed away for six months. The show was scripted for Jennifer Love Hewitt’s maternity break. The plot was the fact that Maddy had postpartum depression. Maddie runs away in an exasperated state when her daughter nearly drowns in the bath. Chimney finally caught her. But it wasn’t easy for Chimney and Maddie. In the premiere of season 6 of 911, Maddie and Chimney were in a relationship and living separately. It was obvious that they wanted to be together, and Maddie was clear that she was telling Chimney that she was not going away ever again. She was staying. We can therefore assume that Maddie isn’t going everywhere.

Is Eddie Leaving 911?

Eddie will be the next main character. The winter finale was the time when his fear of the unknown reached a peak. He decided to leave 118 and go back to his workstation for the remainder of the year. It was only until Dad required medical treatment. Eddie realizes that he is with 118, and eventually, he returns. The sixth season was the one that brought him to return to his team, and he was happy. We’ll see how it goes. However, Eddie seems to not be moving on.

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Are any 911 callers leaving?

Based on the trailer for the remainder of the season, It’s Chimney that we’re the most worried about. The chimney is in his car after a drunken driver gets the vehicle and then goes to a carnival. There’s a moment in which an individual points a gun at Athena. As you can see from things, there are police officers in the home. It’s unclear what evidence exists, but Athena would like to know what’s happening. For the moment, no one has announced their departure.

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