Who is Kevin Samuel’s Daughter?

In Atlanta, Georgia, Kevin Samuels was born on March 13th 1965. He was born in an orthodox Christian family as well as an African American Christian. He didn’t provide much detail concerning his parents.

Who is Kevin Samuel’s Daughter?

American style advisor and coach for lifestyle Kevin Samuels also moonlights as a YouTuber on a regular basis. Samuels is well-known for his inspiring and convincing lectures. Samuels is a certified professional in the field of life coaching, image advisor and fashion expert.

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His ideas and strategies have helped a variety of individuals and companies succeed.

He worked for the media company Supermedia from 2009 to 2011. The company was able to eliminate their sale representative while also using advertisements to increase the appeal of its Supermedia brand. He also worked for the company that produces advertising, The Real Yellow Pages, in 2013.

Kevin Samuels had a daughter with his ex-wife. His daughter Kelvin was born June 29th, 2000, in Oklahoma and is now aged 21. There is little information on the internet available.

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