Who is Ernest Khalimov AKA GigaChad | Is Gigachad Real?

If you’re a fan of memes, you should have encountered some of the “Gigachad” memes. There was a lot of doubt about whether Gigachad was real because of his muscled body that went all over social media. After a while, it became apparent that people were eager to determine whether “Gigachad” was a natural person or an identity created digitally.

It’s been a few decades since Gigachad memes were the talk of the town, and now, as we move to 2022, there’s been considerable evidence to support the existence of Gigachad. In reality, we’ve discovered that Gigachad is a Russian bodybuilder and model known as Ernest Khalimov. What is the truth? Is Ernest Khalimov the authentic Gigachad?

Let’s take a look at details about the personal life of Ernest Khalimov, aka Gigachad, in today’s article. We will look up information about his family, friends, and more.

Who is Ernest Khalimov? Is He the Gigachad Indeed?

Ernest Khalimov is a Russian bodybuilder and model popularly referred to as Gigachad. Whether Khalimov is the Gigachad, There isn’t any public information available as of now. It was reported that there are hundreds of websites that have publicly declared Ernest Khalimov as Khalimov.

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Regarding his birth date, There aren’t any details regarding his birthday reported in the media. But, in the same way, several websites have stated that Khalimov was born around the 1990s. However, on the other hand, several sources have said that Gigachad has already passed the 50-year mark. If we take the time to look at his Instagram account, the post reads berlin.1969 We can conclude that Khalimov was born in 1969, making him 53 in 2022.

Ernest originates from Russia and has been looking into his career within his country. However, numerous people have suggested that Khalimov has Turkish origin, while some say that he’s from Azerbaijan. In some of his social media posts, Khalimov clarified that his family doesn’t have many different nationalities and that he’s German and Russian.

The Truth of Ernest Khalimov Being the Gigachad

What makes someone so flawless? This was the top query that people had following the Gigachad memes that went viral. A lot of us believed the photos were edited to serve business reasons.

A tweet sent by Mark Meechan, a Scottish YouTuber better known by his handle Count Dankula back in April 2020, brought about a fresh twist. Dankula was surprised to discover the facts about Gigachad.

” For the longest time, I thought the Gigachad meme was CGI or photoshop, but it’s a real dude, lmao,” wrote Dankula in the caption. Here’s the tweet.

But, many of Dankula’s fans retweeted that the images were partially photoshopped, and Ernest’s girlfriend also did it.

Ernest is a Model for “Sleek and Tears”

Ernest was a fashion model with the Sleek and Tears company. There are plenty of his photos on the Instagram account dubbed berlin.1969. The account boasts a total of 28 posts and has already surpassed the number of followers to 925k as of June 2022.

In addition, Sleek and Tears also have an Instagram account, which Krista Sudamalis run. The account has photographs of various models, including Ernest Khalimov’s. After looking at these images, we can confidently claim that a significant amount of editing is done before posting them on the internet.

Ernest Khalimov, aka Gigachad, is a model for Sleek and Tears.

After looking at these photos, We can conclude that some type of editing using photoshop is applied to the photos of Gigachad and other photos. It’s possible that Khalimov might not look exactly like what he does on social media or in memes.

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Ernest Khalimov Died? Know About His Accident

We frequently hear death rumors about famous people. Famous names such as Bill Cosby, Will Smith, Kanye West, and Dwayne Johnson have been reported dead numerous times. Similarly, Gigachad Ernest Khalimov was also reported to be dead as of April 2021.

In the past, there was speculation that Khalimov was involved in a car crash in which he died, but there are no official reports about him being involved in an accident. Although the rumor circulated online quickly, people were hesitant to believe in the rumors.

In addition, the social media account includes recent posts that feature the model. Therefore, we declare that Gigachad is doing great and has been working hard to pursue his modeling career since 2022.

What About His Love Life? His Girlfriend in 2022

Despite his appearance on social networks, he’s not ever spoken about his relationship with girlfriends and love life. However, numerous sources have reported that Gigachad was engaged to Krista Sudamalis. She is the one who runs Sleek and Tears’ Instagram account.

Khalimov and his alleged girlfriend Krista Sudamalis is a digital creator.

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Additionally, some have claimed Krista as Khalimov’s girlfriend time and time. But, there is no official information about Khalimov and Sudamalis being girlfriend-and-boyfriend.

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