Wild Hogs Cast | Who Are The Cast In The Movie Wild Hogs?

Wild Hogs Cast: Wild Hogs is a road biker comedy film written and directed by Walt Becker, and it was released in the United States. Some of the Wild Hogs Cast are Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, and many others. Read the information below for more information about the film and the Wild Hogs Cast.

Wild Hogs

Wild Hogs is an American biker comedy film written by Walt Becker, and it was made available to all of the United States and also in Canada on March 2, 2007. It was the final film made by Tollin/Robbins Productions. Director and producer Brain Robbins believed casting was vital in the overall success of this film. The story is set in Ohio and various other states, but with the exception of the final scene, which is set in Southern California, the film was shot on the coast of New Mexico, and this movie made box office records by raking in $253.6 million.

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Movie Wild Hogs Plot

The main line from Wild Hogs is that Wild Hogs is, the film describes how four suburban pals are confronted by their midlife crisis taking to the road during Wild Hogs. It’s a surprisingly boring road movie that searches for laughs. The film focuses on the comedy of four male bonding pieces but mostly does not take the right turns.

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