Who are Susan Winters Parents? Where are Susan’s Parents Avis and Danny Winters Now?

NBC News Dateline: A cool desert morning’ explores the complicated case of Susan Winters’s death. The 48-year-old was found unconscious in her bed on January 15, 2015, and was later declared dead at a hospital. Based on the information provided by Gregory Brent Dennis Dennis, the authorities ruled that her death was suicide. Avis and Danny Winters, Susan’s parents, were not convinced. We have the answers to your questions if you are curious about what happened during their quest for justice.

Who are Susan Winters Parents? Who are Danny and Avis Winters?

Danny and Avis Winters were blessed with Susan in Altus in Oklahoma in March 1966. The loving couple had already given birth to Christopher in March 1966. After practicing law in Oklahoma, Susan moved to Nevada to join the Clark County District Attorney’s Office. Susan married Gregory Dennis in August 1995 and had two daughters.

The couple got a phone call stating that Susan had committed suicide. Initial investigations revealed that Susan had died from a combination of antifreeze-oxycodone intoxication. Avis and Danny weren’t sure if that was the right conclusion. Danny stated, “She had two children.” They were her most precious possession. She would not have committed suicide if she were in front of these girls.

Avis was unhappy with how the authorities handled the case. He stated, “We were disappointed by the legal system, that the people in control don’t read evidence before them and that we were disappointed the Henderson police didn’t do any investigation and that the Clark County Coroner’s Office simply accepted what Brent told them.”

According to the couple, Susan was not suicidal during the period leading up to her death. She seemed to be in good spirits when she visited Oklahoma in December 2014. The parents also claimed that Susan was looking forward to a busy 2015. She had even planned to travel to her youngest daughter’s cheerleading competitions. Susan was also excited about her older child going to college.

All of this led to a lot more information being discovered, all of which pointed to Gregory’s involvement with Susan’s death. His drug problems were revealed by the investigation. He also lied about his whereabouts the night of the incident. George also inquired about the life insurance policy the day before Susan’s death. Danny and Avis’s perseverance paid off when Gregory was sentenced in May 2022 to a maximum of ten years in prison.

Where are Danny and Avis Winters?

Danny and Avis were pleased to finally get justice. However, they were disappointed not to be able to communicate with their grandchildren. Avis stated in court that they lost their relationship with Susan as if it wasn’t enough. They never believed the case to be a murder case and therefore lost all contact with them. We know God is in control and will eventually bring justice to Susan.

Avis and Danny made their living by owning several Sonic Drive-In franchises throughout Oklahoma and Texas. Danny said that his daughter was excited to be the legal counsel for their family’s business. He said that they were building an office in Nevada for her. The couple appears to be living in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. They also run the Winters Family Foundation, which is a non-profit organization.

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