Where Was Writing Around The Christmas Tree Filmed | Lighten Up Your Writing Skills!

A day spent in a beautiful place is a perfect way to celebrate Christmas. Where are these places? Where can you find them? You don’t have to worry about it. I am here to discuss filming locations for Writing Around the Christmas Tree. They will make you fall in love and want to be your best friend. Take a look at where Writing Around the Christmas Tree was filmed!

Writing Around the Christmas (2021). This documentary traces Mikaela’s journey before she became a prolific writer. Mikaela is hosting the Annual Writer’s Retreat for her mother. There, she meets Levi, a handsome writer of non-fiction. After some time of conversation, Levi suggested that Mikaela learn more about the true nature of love before she writes about it. They then book several meetings and begin a romantic relationship.

The entirety of Writing Around The Christmas Tree was filmed in Lake Arrowhead, San Bernardino County. All outdoor and indoor scenes were shot there.

Let me tell you, Writing Around the Christmas Tree was filmed without letting you wait!

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Is This Where The Christmas Tree Writing was Filmed? Register Your Favorite Locations!

Fans are still captivated by the breathtaking locations in Writing Around the Christmas Tree. This movie is a dramatic and highly emotional release. You are among them, and you’re finally done waiting. There is so much to discover.

You can always note where Writing Around the Christmas Tree was filmed. It is possible that you forget to do something else!


Writing Around the Christmas Tree was made by the same people as others. They considered several factors when choosing California to film their main location. California was chosen because of its talented production crew, studios, and beautiful backdrops.

It was almost impossible to travel with such a large team to another place due to the budget. California was the most convenient for them. It would have taken them much longer to shoot if they had chosen another location.

California shares its borders with Arizona and Nevada, as well as Oregon. California is a vibrant city with beaches, redwood forests, Central Valley Farmland, and a length of 900 miles. California plays an important role in attracting millions upon millions of tourists.

California’s importance in the entertainment industry cannot also be ignored. Hollywood is headquartered here, as well as many other renowned studios. Many big and small production companies have shot movies there. You’ll be amazed to learn that Storm Of The Century was also shot on California’s backdrops.

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Lake Arrowhead San Bernardino County California

The location of the writer’s retreat was Lake Arrowhead. The beautiful scenes in the movie’s final scene were also shot there. The nearby people cooperated and didn’t disturb the production crew during filming.

The romantic atmosphere was what drove Lake Arrowhead to be chosen. The cast members loved this spot for their entertainment. Don’t you believe me? You’ll be amazed at the photos on their Instagram accounts. After work, they would go to coffee shops to enjoy delicious snacks.

This mountain resort is a haven for adventure lovers! You can enjoy many recreational activities such as hiking, backpacking, and many others in Lake Arrowhead. The lake is not permitted for tourists to swim. Only the locals are allowed.

You can also take advantage of the beautiful beaches nearby Lake Arrowhead to make someone special. Winky Winky! You can also sit by the lake and gaze at the sapphire-blue waters. You can enjoy the delicious cuisine from this area in many places.

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Interesting Facts about Where Writing Around the Christmas Tree was filmed.

It is quite remarkable to discover that Writing Around the Christmas Tree was shot in just 11 days, March 2021. The makers do not know the miracle. Bravo to all their hard work!

The pandemic caused the filming to be delayed, and the producers had to ensure that all protocols were followed. They also had to ensure that everyone on the production team was healthy.

All arrangements had to be made quickly to complete the shoot on time. However, this didn’t affect the movie in any way. All the romantic scenes were actually shot beautifully.

Final Words

You are probably pretty clear now about the location Writing Around the Christmas Tree was filmed. It was the perfect location for this Christmas movie. The filmmakers made the wisest decision to choose Lake Arrowhead. It was a great decision!

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