Where was Trick Filmed? All Filming Locations!

Are you excited about Halloween 2022? Are you unsure of what you should do? You don’t have to be concerned because today I’ll introduce you to the horror movie Trick. This will definitely make Halloween more frightening! Also, in the following article, I’ll provide details of the location where Trick is filming.

This American Horror flick, Trick, released in 2019, is an ideal film for dark cops! The director, Patrick Lussier in this film tells the chilling story of a high schooler who is known as P. Weaver. The teenager decides to embark on a murder rampage after attending a Halloween celebration!

Trick got mixed feedback from audiences and critics! There weren’t any prizes that the film was awarded neither. The film was nominated for the most outstanding film at the Catalonian International Film Festival 2019!

Before we discover where Trick the film was shot. Let’s look at the storyline of the film in a brief manner. To help you gain more information about the main storyline.

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The Plot of Trick | What’s It All About

The film begins at the very beginning. In the film, we meet the character Patrick Weaver, a high school dropout living in New York by himself. He’s portrayed as an adrenaline addict who is a participant in all kinds of exciting events, but can’t manage loss well.

In the aftermath of winning in a race on the street, Patrick receives an invite from one of his fellow racers inviting him to join them for the Halloween celebration. Patrick later shows up at the party in masks and begins playing spin the bottle games! Then, something sinister is able to take hold of his thoughts and he begins stabbing people even though he lost the contest!

In the final scene, the principal investigator Mike Denver takes charge of the investigation and sets out to question Patrick. The antagonist then flees from the city, leaving not one trace! The guests who invited him to the event disappeared each and every of them!

In the film’s last section, after two years of investigation, detective Denver discovers a clue to his current hiding place. The main character, together with the police, decides to investigate the suspect. They soon learn that the “trick” isn’t the person behind the murders but rather a group of insane criminals. They wear the same terrifying masks and adhere to his criminal and sadistic idealism!

Then, the police get hold of Patrick, And they eventually kill Patrick! However, before he is killed the police, he reveals an officer that was part of his band! The credits start rolling, as the detectives hunt the other members to Trick in the aftermath of neutralizing the queasy officer!

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Okay, let’s go! Let us discover where Trick is filming. In order to let you experience the gorgeous locations for filming this thrilling thriller film!

Where was the filming location for Trick? It’s time to Know This Horror Movie Closely! !

The director, Patrick Lussier, did not have much of a budget to film. Therefore, the choices available to select a suitable location for shooting were restricted. The filmmaker chose to film the entire film in the field. So, searching for the perfect location fell out of the way for the film crew! The locations shown in the film Trick are filmed throughout New York.

The principal photography started in the last months of 2018 and was completed by February of 2019! So, with no more, let’s find out the places Trick is filming in detail!

Warwick, Middletown | New York

The opening sequence in the film, in which Patrick is shown living in Warwick, is shot within the city of Warwick. It is located in the southern part of Orange County. This location was ideal for capturing the isolated area where the antagonist is shown to reside.

A tiny house was chosen to highlight Patrick’s humble home which was featured in the movie. The film crew shot outdoor scenes of the house with specific lighting techniques in the dark of the night!

After that, the crew relocated to Middletown, which is a city in Middletown in the same county. Middletown is situated in Orange County. The scene in the film in which the “Halloween party” is depicted was shot inside of a basement that was vacant. The production unit was required to turn the empty space to make it appear more dark and shady. The inside sequences of the gathering and the murders were recorded in this spot.

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Newburgh, New York

After completing the majority of the filming of the outdoor scenes, the film arrived in the town of Newburgh. Its Umbra Sound Stages Studio was picked by the unit for the interior shots of various locations that are featured on the screen. While filming inside the studio did not go as planned for the crew filming, at first.

The production team was reported to have an argument with the studio’s owners over the studio’s fee. The result was that the team had to stop filming for two weeks. Then, things got back to normal when the company provided the proprietors with a legally binding note outlining the terms of the contract. Filming was resumed, and the rest that was the last sequences, which were to be shot were finished in less than about a month!

Final Words

Okay, guys, now that you’ve read the storyline and the storyline of the film. You know where Trick filming. I hope that you have been enthralled by this piece and discovered the answer you’ve been searching for. If you’re interested in learning more about the latest movies and shows, don’t forget to check out Visibly. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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