Where Was The World According To Garp Filmed? An American Comedy Drama Film! 

The World According To Garp (1980) is a comedy drama from the 1980s. The movie is based on John Irving’s novel and is still being talked about today, four decades later. The World According To Garp is so beloved that many people enjoy visiting its filming sites! This article will tell you where The World According To Garp was filmed.

If you like feminist movies, The World According to Garp is a great movie. This movie is about radical feminism. This fun and the wholesome movie will not make it a lighthearted viewing. This is something you will always remember and return to over and again.

The World According To Garp was shot entirely in America. The movie was shot in New York City, New Jersey. Diverse scenes were shot in locations like Hartley Dodge Memorial, Millbrook School, Fishers Island, and Bryant Park.

This is the definitive answer to the question: Where was The World According To Garpfilmed? You will need to know more about these filming locations if you intend to visit them. Keep scrolling down to see each place in detail.

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What Is The World According To Garp About?

The unusual life of T.S. is the basis of The World According To Grap. Garp was born to Jenny Fields, a WWII nurse, and was conceived out of wedlock. She only desired a child, not a husband. The opinionated feminist conceived herself with Technical Sergeant Garp, a wounded soldier suffering from morbid priapism.

Jenny raised Garp by herself. It is obvious that Garp was heavily influenced in his life by his feminist mother. He also had a passion for wrestling and writing and was very skilled at both. Garp’s passion for writing inspired her to try her hand at writing.

She wrote a book about human s*xuality, male lust, and its effects on women. The book turned out to be semi-autobiographical and became an overnight sensation. The book made Jenny Fields a cultural icon. She also received death threats from antifeminist fanatics.

Helen Holm is Garp’s daughter and a former wrestling coach. They had a passionate relationship that was full of fights but also very close. Their Love of literature was what brought them together. Helen was attracted to Garp’s writings in the first instance. They were married and had two children. Garp went on to become a writer, while Helen became a professor. Everything was going smoothly until Garp discovered his wife’s infidelity.

The World According to Garp follows Garp’s struggle through the many tumultuous and difficult events that he experiences as he tries to find a home for his writings and himself in this new world. He is not the only one with different sensibilities.

Here are some additional details about the film before we move on:

Release Date July 23, 1982

Running Time 2h 16m

Directed by George Roy Hill

Created by George Roy Hill

Starring Robin Williams, Mary Beth Hurt, and Glenn Close were among the guests. John Lithgow was also present.

IMDb Rating 7.1/10

Let’s now see where The World According to Garp was filmed!

Explore All Filming Locations Below!

Wouldn’t it be great to follow Garp on his journey? You know it seems interesting! Jenny is what I find most interesting. It’s Jenny that I am most interested in. I want to visit the same places she has been. You’re probably like me and would love to see the film’s locations. You need to find out where The World According To Garp was filmed!

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Hartley Dodge Memorial

Hartley Dodge Memorial is a Neoclassical town hall built by Richard Shapter Dodge and Geraldine Rockefeller Dodge. It was constructed in 1933. It can be found at 50 Kings Road in Madison, New Jersey. It is here that Jenny was shot during the rally.

The Hartley Dodge Memorial is the only film that has been shot at this time. If you enjoy historical sites, you should visit this filming site!

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Fishers Island

Fishers Island can be found on Equestrian Avenue in Southold, New York. To clarify the filming location, scenes in The World According To Garp were filmed at The G.B. Linderman House, named after Garrett B. Linderman, a banker, and a coal operator.

This is where Jenny was captured as a proud mother to Baby Garp. She was there to tell the story about her pregnancy. Later in the movie, Garp also lives here with his family.

Bryant Park

Bryant Park, New York City, was used to film scenes from The World According to Garp. This park is well-known for its ice-skating rink in Winter Village and free screenings of summer movies on the lawn. There are also never-ending meetings and meals. It is conveniently located only blocks from Times Square, New York Public Library, and other New York attractions. It is a great spot for both residents and tourists.

The scene where Jenny signs her semi-autobiographical book at a rally about women’s rights was filmed here. The scene in which a book publisher admits to his Love of Garp’s writing but then goes on to claim that his mother’s writings are something else was also filmed here.

Final Words

Alright, people! You’ve read this article. It means that you know where The World According To Garp was filmed. In New York City, the entire movie was shot. You can now visit all the filming locations the next time that you are in New York City. Tell me: Which location would you like to see first?!

Which Production Companies Worked on The World According to Garp?

The production companies that worked on The World According To Garp were Pan Arts and Warner Bros.

The World According to Garp is Available on Netflix

Netflix has The World According To Garp.

The World According to Garp is Available on Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video has The World According To Garp.

The World According to Garp is Available on HBO Max

HBO Max has The World According To Garp.

Google Play Movies: Is The World According to Garp available?

Google Play Movies has The World According To Garp.

Who is The Writer of The Movie The World According to Garp?

John Irving and Steve Tesich wrote the movie The World According to Garp.

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