Where Was The Walk-In Filmed? Filming Locations Of The ITV Drama Show!

Are you looking for a drama that tells the story of courage? Will it inspire you to fight any wrong, no matter what? If so, then I have a great recommendation for you: The Walk In (2022). This show’s first episode was released on October 3, and it has received praise for its storyline and filming location. Everyone has been asking where The Walk-In was filmed. Continue reading if you are like this.

The Walk-In was shot entirely in London. Because the drama series is set in London, it was natural for the production unit also to film in that city. This gives the show more authenticity. This is also where the principal photography was done.

You’ll need more information if you intend to visit The Walk-In filming sites. Don’t worry, though! In this article, I will discuss where The Walk-In was filmed in great detail. Don’t miss a single part of this article.

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What Is The Walk-In About?

The Walk In is about Matthew Collins, a former neo-Nazi activist who now works as a journalist for Hope, not Hate. Hope Not to Hate works to spread awareness about extremist and right-wing ideologies.

The show reveals more about Hope Not Hate’s dangerous but important work to shed light on far-right groups and their activities and shows the world how harmful and toxic they are.

Matthew Collins infiltrates National Action. This extremist group is planning attacks against the public. This is after the racist unrest that has been caused by Brexit and the murder of Jo Cox, an M.P.

This program addresses some of the most serious issues in modern times, including racism, freedom of speech, and terrorism. This show will make you think deeply and cause you to wonder why people fear others who are not like you.

Let’s now see where The Walk-In was filmed.

Explore All Filming Locations Below!

Isn’t it an intriguing story? Matthew Collins’ story and your courage to speak out against injustice and take the necessary steps, even if that means risking your life, will inspire you. The filming locations make the show even more captivating. They add half the magic to the storyline, in my opinion. Continue reading if you’re curious about where The Walk-In was shot.

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London, United Kingdom

The Walk-In series’ storyline is set in London, United Kingdom. The production unit decided to film in London. The show is still relatively new. There isn’t much information about where the episodes were shot. There’s a good chance you’ve seen some of the filming locations if you’ve been to London.

London was also home to The Walk-In and other movies and shows such as The Crown, Inside Man and Ted Lasson, The Sandman and Hellraiser. You should also know that Bridgerton Season 3 is being filmed in London.

You should also check out the following tourist attractions in London:

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge is a must-see in London. This landmark is a beloved historic site in Britain. This bridge is a great place to learn about Victorian engineering.

It is open approximately 8 hours per day, 363 days a calendar year. Tower Bridge is a must-see! Don’t miss the magnificent Victorian Engine rooms or the Tower Bridge Exhibition. The Tower Bridge Exhibition is a great way to learn about the bridge.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey is one of the most significant Gothic architectural buildings in London. It was constructed by Henry III in 1245. It contains stained glass, paintings, books, textiles and pavements.

You can take a Westminster Walking Tour & Westminster Abbey Entry if you wish to better understand the area. It will take approximately an hour and a half, but it will be well worth it.

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Last words

Alright, people! This was the end of today’s article. I’m sure you all know where The Walk-In was filmed. London was the location for all of The Walk-In’s lensing. You can now put London on your travel bucket list.

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