Where was The Visit Filmed? A Nerve-Wracking 2014 Horror Flick! !

Do you love watching psychological horror films? If so then you’re in for an absolute surprise! In this post, I’ll talk about a similar bone chilling film called The Visit that will shake to the center! We will also give you an insider’s view details about where The Visit filmed.

The American horror film The Visit, released in 2015 is bound to leave you chewing your nails. Filmmaker M Night Shyamalan, in The Visit, tells The Visit, the tale of two teenage girls, Tyler and Becca. They decide to spend their summer vacation at their grandparent’s home. However, they fall into the hands of two psychotic delusionals disguised as their parents!

The Visit was an awe-inspiring success! The film made more than $98 million on its total box office collections and a filming budget of only $5 million! The film received 14 nominations and was awarded it the Freight Meter Awards in 2015! Although The Visit was a commercial success, critics criticized the film harshly.

We must discover where The Visit filmed. Let’s go over the storyline! In order to help you gain more comprehension of the story!

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Where was the Visit shot? Let’s look at this Psychological Horror Film Closely! !

Director M. Night Shyamalan and The production team did their best, even with the bare minimum budget they were given! Instead of filming The Visit at any exotic place, the production team chose to film in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania.

The plot of the film takes place in Philadelphia and, therefore, the location scouts set out to search for the ideal location within the city! Then they picked a few spots for filming the film’s initial scenes. However, the majority of filming was shot in other areas of Pennsylvania. The filming began on February 14, 2014, and finished within two months!

Therefore, we will discuss the location The Visit filmed, in detail without further delay!

Royersford, Chester Springs | Pennsylvania

The small town, in which grandparents Tyler and Becca appear to reside during the movie, in fact the town of Royersford. The city is located within Montgomery County this place is just a couple of miles from Philadelphia.

The production team shot a lot of outdoor scenes in this site. A street chase sequence, in which Tyler Becca and Tyler Becca are seen fighting for their lives was shot at the location of 330 Main St. Royersford. The production team used special lighting and sound equipment for filming the scene in the dark.

Another outdoor scene was shot in the morning in 705 Washington St. Royersford. However, the crew struggled to manage the crowds during rush times. They changed the timing of filming and started capturing the footage in the early morning.

The production company then moved its location of filming to the adjacent Chester County. The actual house, which appears in the film is located in Chester Springs. The exterior images of the house were shot from 3049 Merlin Rd, Chester Springs. Other shots of the surrounding area were also shot here. The filming process at this location was finished in about a few days or so.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

After the filming, Tyler went to Tyler’s grandparents’ house, which was featured in the movie. The production crew was able to arrive in Philadelphia. The opening sequence, which included 30th St Station. 30th St Station, is located at 3001 Market St. Special permission was obtained from the North American Railways for shooting at this location.

Regarding permits, you don’t require any permission to visit these incredible locations like Independence National Historical Park, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia Zoo, Bartram’s Garden and Franklin Square. If you are planning on visiting this location in the upcoming months!

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