Where Was The Sister Filmed All Filming Locations Detailed!

Halloween is nearing the end of the year, making it the right time to binge-watch some of the terrifying psychological thrillers! We have the perfect miniseries to devour! We present the thrilling show The Sister. Today we’ll reveal the story behind it and the location where The Sister filmed! Continue reading to the close!

Created and written by the very same person who created the show for the series Luther, Neil Cross has something fresh to share with us. The Sister is adapted from his novel “The Burial,” The Sister features a dark and exciting miniseries. It’s now available on Hulu and available to all viewers. We don’t see any reason not to enjoy the epicness!

What was the location where The Sister was filmed? According to the show’s creators, The Sister has been entirely shot in London. In particular, the shooting locations were in West and South London and its adjacent regions. The miniseries was challenging to film because half the scenes were shot in the evening.

The location of the filming series will give the viewer an understanding of how difficult it was to make. In the wake of New York City, London is perhaps the most crowded city in the world, even in the evening. Therefore, we can appreciate the problem. Other shows such as Pretty Little Liars and Line Of Duty have also been shot in the UK. However, the conditions for filming are more favorable.

The Plot of The Sister | What Is The Series About?

Okay, before we go on to check out where The Sister filmed, let’s briefly look into what the show is about. Neil Cross, from his novel, has created the show, and both are based on the same theme. The story has paranormal and supernatural elements and a lot of psychological excitement.

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The show features Russell Tovey, Bertie Carvel, Amrita Acharia, and Nina Toussaint White as key characters. The show follows the story of a normal man named Nathan (played by Russel). While his life may appear normal and boring, Nathan harbors a deep dark secret. It’s a secret that nobody will ever be able to discover.

Nathan has dug up something from his past, which is now haunting him. One day Bob, an expert ghost hunter, comes into his home and the whole world goes to hell. Bob exposes some shocking information to Nathan. He can take Nathan on a quest to find forgiveness, redemption, and a lot of unresolved emotional trauma.

The entire audience is left in suspense and wondering what’s actually happening. The Sister is the best Neil Cross works with various changes and twists that practically make you bite your nails.

Where was The Sister Filmed? All the Locations You Need to Know About!

The show premiered in 2019 and has received an enthusiastic reception from the public and critics. As of the time that The Sister has been available on streaming sites such as OTT platforms such as Hulu, The show has seen an increase in attention.

This is why everyone is curious about the location where The Sister was filmed! Let’s take a look at the locations featured in the series!

London, England

The Sister is a follower of Nathan and the carefree events around Nathan. Nathan loves his husband as well as a great father. There are many scenes with Nathan and his family members before the show gets underway. Nathan’s home is situated in Woodhall Avenue in Dulwich, South East London. The area is classified as an affluent area.

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Although most of the show was shot outdoors in real-world locations, some scenes had to be shot indoors, too. There are several scenes where we watch Nathan get lost in the woods while driving. The interior of the car was shot at a studio in South London.

The actors and the producers emphasized matching the dark and cold look of the outside shots to the interior shots. Since the filming was scheduled to take place during the winter months, this proved to be an even more challenging task.

Brewer’s Lane Richmond, West London

Certain scenes were also shot within the western part area of London in a location known as Brewer’s Lane. It also features an extensive landscape that is full of flowers. Many of the scenes were captured at night and also.

The arduous filming schedule was tough for the cast as for the crew. The actors were required to film many scenes during cool and rainy evenings. Then they had to learn their lines perfectly since filming had to be completed in a short time.

Does The Sister merit your attention?

If the title Neil Cross isn’t enough to convince you to watch the show, then we don’t know what else is. Although the show has received an overwhelmingly positive response, there is a desire to make The Sister into a proper series. There’s a feeling that fans don’t get enough of a single miniseries.

Indeed, The Sister is definitely worth taking the time to watch. Alongside the excellent writing, the main thing that it has going on is the impeccable acting of the main actors. We know what a challenge their schedule was for them. Despite their odds, they’ve managed to produce a spectacular performance. Keep an open mind and keep the show The Sister on cable or Hulu!

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Final Words

That’s you, my friends! We hope you now know where the film was shot! We love the thrill of a good thriller. We’re big fans of the genre and look for films and series on OTT platforms that may appeal to our tastes. If you’re in the same sentiments as we do, we suggest you try The Sister!

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Are The Sister only four episodes?

Yes, The Sister is being made as an original miniseries, but it only has the totality of four episodes!

Are there plans for a second season in the series The Sister?

The Sister will not be a second season The Sister. The Sister.

Where can I go to The Sister in 2022?

You can catch The Sister on Hulu in 2022!

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