Where Was The Hating Game Filmed | Everything About The Movie!

Where was The Hating Game filmed? The film is set at a corporate headquarters in New York, and that is where the film was filmed as well! Locations are scattered throughout the city, including New York City, the Hudson River and Upstate New York. The filming began in late 2020 and was concluded quickly as the pandemic grew.

The Hating Game has interesting locations to film in due to the fact that New York is always a difficult location to film. Directors usually choose to shoot the movie in another location, even if the story is set in New York. The film Morbius is one classic illustration of this!

The Plot of The Hating Game | What is The Movie About?

Before we go on to discover where The Hating Game was filmed, we should first try to learn what the film is about! This film, Hating Game, was first supposed to begin filming in March 2020 but was delayed because of lockdowns. The Hating Game finally received approval to start filming in November of 2020 and concluded the filming quickly.

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The Hating Game follows the lives of two executive assistants, Lucy and Josh, who hate each another. The two aim to climb the corporate ladder at their own company, with the sole thing against them being the other. Since they both hate each other with a fervent passion, things quickly get out of control.

The romantic comedy will see the two protagonists engage in a battle of words, silly arguments, and small-scale revenge. With a new spot in the balance, the stakes are greater than ever before. This is until Lucy begins to feel affection for her boyfriend. The two end the cat-and-mouse game and decide to end the game with an end the game.

This is until Lucy discovers that Josh does not really feel the same way but is simply doing it as part of his game. However, what Lucy thinks is real, and she is now forced to consider which is more important to her. The work as well as her soul. This Hating Game will definitely make you LOL, but it will also leave you feeling mushy!

Where was the Hating Game Filmed? All the locations you need to Know About!

The Hating Game also received a limited theatrical release because of Covid Lockdowns. The movie was then moved into Video On Demand services. Although the onscreen chemistry has been the subject everyone is speaking about, these locations shouldn’t be overlooked!

Then, where did The Hating Game film? Let’s look at every location!

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Upstate New York, New York, USA

The Hating Game doesn’t just have scenes indoors of actors in their offices. It’s not just that. The film is set mostly outdoors. The location in which the majority of the film was filmed was Upstate New York. The location is, like the title suggests, located upstate.

It is located to the north of the bustling New York City, the Upstate region is famous for its various cultural and ethnic diversity. Upstate also offers ever-changing landscapes. This is the perfect location to live in with mountains, rivers and beautiful lakes.

Upstate New York also provided an area of safety for the crew and cast during the outbreak. Although there were no restrictions, the cast and crew were required to work at the appropriate distance. The wide open spaces in the region made it simpler for the crew while filming.

One of the most prominent scenes that were captured in this film is towards the end of the film. When Lucy Josh and Lucy Josh reconcile they stand on the deck. It is covered in snow everywhere. The wintery atmosphere makes for a healthy and full appearance.

New York City, New York, USA

This city, which is never asleep, gets given this name due to an explanation. It’s a concrete slum where dreams are made from as Lucy as well as Josh will take on whatever it takes to realize their dreams. “The Hating Game has an awesome backdrop of the modern and contemporary buildings architecture. It is due to the scenes made inside the cities of the world.

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The primary focal attractions that are typical to the average New Yorker are the scenes of the Empire State building, the Met museum and Central Park. The scenes at these sites were actually shot in these locations rather than in stadiums hundreds of miles from where they are!

Ulster County, New York, USA

Because of the pandemic-induced lockdowns, certain of the locations previously identified were required to be relocated. This is the reason why Ulster County was used to film some of the scenes to film The Hating Game. With its rich history and an enduring colonial past that is linked to the County, Ulster County is a fascinating place to visit. It’s definitely among the counties that you must visit when visiting New York!

Final Words

This is the location that we have for the day. We hope you are now aware of where “The Hating Game filmed! Although the content the fact that the film is hilarious, however, it’s also a charming romantic film. The idea of someone choosing to love instead of a position within a business. Is it not something we have the privilege of seeing the same thing every single day are we?

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