Where Was Stay Close Filmed | All Filming Locations Explained!

The mystery is among the genres that are exciting that viewers can enjoy. There are a variety of mystery dramas like Stay Close that have been released in recent times. If you’ve watched the series of mysteries, You might want to find out where Stay Close was filmed.

The Show Stay Close is a spooky drama that centres around the dark secrets of three individuals who appear to be unconnected. But, as the series moves forward, the past and secretive aspects slowly begin to unravel. The miniseries, which runs for eight episodes, is a remake of a thriller, Stay Close, written by Harlan Coben.

Stay Close was filmed in the region of Manchester and its surrounding cities. Much of the shooting was shot in Manchester. Manchester, however, a few portions of the Show were also shot at Lancashire and Prescot too. The Show has been set in a contemporary suburb, and the towns in the vicinity of Manchester and the cities surrounding it provide the ideal backdrop to show a relaxed urban area.

We’ll discuss the locations where Stay Close was filmed and where the filming occurred. It is possible that you would like to learn about the locations of the filming of other TV and film shows such as The Circle Season 4 and Metal Lords and Metal Lords.

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Keep an eye on the ground From Hidden Secrets!

Let’s take a quick glance at the storyline of the mystery thriller before going into the specifics of where Stay Close is filming.

Stay Close explores the lives of three individuals who have been keeping secrets about their past to get on with their lives. Megan is a wife and mother of three children. She has a serene life while trying to conceal her past dark secrets. Ray is a paid paparazzi and was a great journalist. In contrast, Michael is a detective in the criminal justice system who is responsible for not being able to find the missing man.

Stay Close presents the link between the three characters following the time a new unsolved case has been filed. The missing case winds in, causing havoc to the seemingly boring lives of the three when they become entangled again. The group tries to keep the memories from being a thing of the past and try to live out the pain that these memories trigger.

What did happen to the man that went missing 17 years ago? What happened to a man who disappeared on the date that Stewart disappeared? Who is responsible for the crime, and what’s the trio concealing? You can watch the Show on Netflix to find the answers to your questions.

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Where Was Stay Close Filmed?

Stay Close is set in a tranquil suburb as the background of the Show. If you know where filming for the Show was held, you could take a look at the location of filming for other shows such as Sweet autumn or Deadly Yoga Retreat.

Without further delay, we’ll look at how Stay Close where was filmed.


Stay Close was primarily filmed in Manchester, which is located in England. The most well-known place that was the subject of the series was the Impossible nightclub, which is located on 36 Peter Street in Manchester in real life.

Manchester is among the largest city in England and is renowned for the city’s Victorian buildings. Manchester is also a paradise for those who love sports since it is the home of the renowned Manchester United football club.

It is also noteworthy that the city was the very first city on earth to have industrialization. In addition, it was also the home of the first railway line in the world and the very first canal in the world, too. Tourists can learn about the area’s past through the city’s numerous museums.


The beach scenes featured in the miniseries Stay Close were filmed in Lancashire. The location used to film scenes on the beach in the Show is Blackpool. It is an isolated suburb situated near the coastline. Lancashire is not really an urban area and has many historic buildings. The region is full of historical significance and is home to lots of towns along the sea, such as Morecambe or Blackpool.

You’ll be able to find a variety of peaceful spots while enjoying the surroundings. This area is perfect for outdoor activities such as cycling, trekking or racing.

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The cabin featured in the miniseries Stays Close, where Ken and Barbie were held hostage, was situated inside the Knowsley Safari Park located in Prescot. The duo of Ken and Barbie have been dubbed one of the most bizarre characters from the series, and they are unfiltered regarding their actions. However, when they’re taken hostage after an incident and are taken hostage in a remote cabin.

Prescot is Another Victorian city that holds an important historical value. But, it is not as well-known for its historical significance and is well-known for its numerous arts and music festivals which are held every year. The city doesn’t just host the annual festival of Music and Arts but is also host to a variety of festivals throughout the year.


The Vipers nightclub in the miniseries Stay Close is situated at 16 Lime Tree Way in Formby. Formby is a suburb in the city of Formby is an area of Liverpool city. There were other areas similar to Sutton and Runcorn, which were also included in the miniseries.

Liverpool is a renowned city and is widely known as the birthplace of the rock legends The Beatles. The city has lots to offer visitors since it’s located along the banks of the river Mersey and is located near The Irish Sea.

The most convenient place to go within the city is through the numerous museums, including the Liverpool Cathedral and the many ferry rides offered in the city. Beyond that, travellers may also go to The Royal Albert Dock and numerous other architectural marvels which are located within the city.

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Final Words

This is the only thing you need to know about where Stay Close was filmed. If you’re looking to stream new TV and movies at no cost, find out how to watch the shows Never Rarely Every Now and Again and the show Little Women on free platforms.

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