Where Was Netflix’s Under Her Control Filmed

Produced and directed by Fran Torres, Netflix’s “Under Her Control’ (originally titled “La Jefa”) is a Spanish thriller film that revolves around an unorthodox arrangement between employees and their bosses. If the ambitious and promising lady, Sofia, gets pregnant, she fears that her child could be the final straw for her career. But, her boss Beatriz has been desperate to have a baby with her for some time.

Thus, Beatriz offers Sofia an arrangement that requires her to adopt the child. In exchange, Sofia will get compensated with a raise. Therefore, rather than opting to have the abortion option, Sofia takes the arrangement. After Sofia discovers that the deal was not what she expected it would turn out the way she expected, it’s too late for her to resign.

The gripping and suspenseful story keeps the audience in the forefront of their chairs throughout the film. Additionally, the use of fascinating locations, like those where Sofia is under surveillance, is enough to make one wonder about the actual locations of filming. We’ll give you the specifics if you’re one of those curious individuals!

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Under Her Control Filming Locations

“Under Her Control’ was shot completely in Spain, especially in Madrid. The principal shooting started in the middle of July 2021 and was concluded, according to reports, after about five weeks of shooting at the beginning of August this year. The Kingdom of Spain is located in the southwest region of Europe in the southwestern part of Europe; the Kingdom of Spain is well-known for having a large degree of impact on literature, art, music, cuisine, and other areas, particularly within Western Europe and the Americas. Let’s now explore the locations featured in the film!

Madrid, Spain

All of the key scenes in “Under Her Hands” were shot within and near Madrid, Spain’s capital and largest city. It is believed that the crew traveled through the city to film various scenes against suitable backdrops. It is situated along the River Manzanares in Iberian Peninsula’s central region. The capital city is considered to be the nation’s political, economic, and cultural capital.

Although Madrid has many modern facilities, it has managed to maintain its heritage because the city is still home to many historic streets and neighborhoods. Madrid has various famous landmarks, including those the Royal Palace of Madrid, the Buen Retiro Park, the Plaza Mayor, the Reina Sofia Museum, and the Thyssen-Bornemisza museum. Cibeles Palace and Fountain are also considered one of the city’s most significant monuments.

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In addition to the tourist crowd, Madrid is frequented by numerous filmmakers throughout the year for filming. Its sprawling and diverse scenery makes it an ideal production location for all kinds of project types. So, over the years, the capital has been played in various films and TV shows, like “Pan’s Labyrinth,” “Terminator: Dark Fate,’ The Good Boss ‘ The Girl in the Mirror, ” and ‘Money Heist .’

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