Where Was Netflix’s Athena Filmed | All Filming Locations!

Written as well as produced by Romain Gavras of Netflix’s ‘Athena Athena’ is a French drama film that centers around the chaos that results from the tragic murder of a child, Idir, in the community of Athena. When Idir is killed in front of cameras by a group of officers in uniforms, Idir’s three brothersAbdel, Moktar, and Karim Karim, Moktar, and Abdel have a riot within the community due to the differing opinions that lead them to be opposed to each other.

The oldest brother Moktar is said to not be concerned about the death of Idir and more about the repercussions his business will be facing after the incident. Abdel Idir, the third brother of the police force, thinks that law enforcement will bring justice to their dead brother.

But Karim, the younger brother, is extremely hotheaded and is determined to take matters into his own and takes matters into his own. The rivalry between siblings over the controversial topic of the death of their brother results in an all-out war within the neighborhood, which leads to numerous action-packed scenes. The most interesting thing for viewers about the destruction of the locations throughout the film and whether the film was filmed in a location or not. If you’re one of those curious people, we’ll provide everything you need to know regarding this!

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Athena Filming Locations

The film was shot entirely in France, particularly in Essonne. The primary photography of the Netflix film is believed to have begun in August of 2021. It was completed within two months, the middle of October that same year. Because the fictional town of Athena in the film, in which the film is set, is located in France, It makes sense why the unit that shot the film decided to film the movie in France as well. According to reports, the film was shot chronologically, with most of the filming occurring in the evening. So, with no fuss, we’ll take you right into the center of the conflict and guide you through the locations in the film! In the film!

Essonne, France

The pivotal sequences in “Athena” were shot at Essonne, France’s department situated in the south of the Ile-de-France region. The team that produced the film set up in the Evry-Courcouronnes commune, specifically in the Place du Parc aux Livres. It is located in the suburbs of southern Paris. Evry-Courcouronnes is the prefecture of Essonne.

In a Sept. 2022 interview with Variety, director Romain Gavras explained the team’s ability to include many locals in filming the film. Gavras said, “90 percent of our crew is comprised of residents who live in the area, and we’ve got almost everybody involved, from actors to the catering and even the design of the set.”

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In the past, Essonne has served as an important production site for various kinds of films and television shows. In addition to ‘Athena’, Essonne has also been played in numerous productions like ‘Titanethe ‘ Happening, “Dangerous Liaisons as well as “An Officer and a Spy, and “Standing Tall.’

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