Where Was Midnight Club Filmed? Is The Spooky Hospital Real?

Based on Christopher Pike’s book of the name, Midnight Club is the perfect show for Halloween! Mike Flanagan, the brilliant creator of the T.V. series, takes over the series. If you are wondering where you might have heard his name, here is a hint: he is the creator of the horror shows like The Haunting Of Hill House. If we look at his records, Midnight Club will be great!

So where was Midnight Club shot? Although the series is set in a fictional place, it was entirely shot in Canada. Midnight Club was filmed in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. Some episodes were also shot on sets that were made in studios.

It is crucial that the filming sites of Midnight Club play an important role. Why? This is because the series promises horror and thrill. Burnaby and Vancouver were used to filming the series. Most of us have seen Canada in Hallmark productions such as Unthinkably Good things, Sister Of the Bride and The Perfect Catch.

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What Is The Series About?

Before we go to the location where Midnight Club was filmed, let us first look at the series. You need to understand the show if you plan to invest in several episodes. The show is based on a novel, as previously stated. In addition to being the showrunner, Mike Flanagan has written the show.

Midnight Club is a documentary that follows eight terminally ill patients who live in Brightcliffe Hospice. Everyone wants to try their hand at the unusual healing methods for which this place has become famous. Our eight stars are Anya, Kevin, Sandra, Spencer and Natsuki. Cheri and Amesh are the others. Many of them are suffering from cancer, AIDS or another terminal illness.

It can be tedious to live in a hospice. The eight decided to start a club to help them find something to do. The group calls it the “Midnight Club” and plans to meet every night at midnight. The group meets every night to share ghost stories and talk with one another. This is a great way to distract them from the looming death.

The group makes a deal with one another during one of their regular meetings. They agree that the person who dies first will have to attempt communication or speak with the rest of their group beyond death. This may seem like a fun way to have some fun. But when one of the members dies, strange events begin to occur, making the others believe in the supernatural.

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Did You See Midnight Club? Here’s Everything You Need to Know About These Locations

Netflix picked Midnight Club up and began production in early 2021. According to reports, Midnight Club finished filming in September 2021. Midnight Club was released by Netflix on October 7, 2022, and received positive reviews. While many praised the story and the actors in Midnight Club, most were impressed by Mike Flanagan’s production.

This makes the show a must-see on every person’s watch list. Is the Brightcliffe Hospice actually real? The series was filmed in Canada. Find out more about the Midnight Club’s filming locations below!

Metro Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada

Metro Vancouver was the location for most of Midnight Club’s filming. The show also featured areas like Delta, home to the Ladner United Church. According to multiple reports, Midnight Club was filmed along the Spanish Banks, one of Vancouver’s most famous shorelines.

Filming for Brightcliffe Hospice was mostly done in Ladner, which is a suburb just outside of Vancouver. The location met all the criteria that the filming crew wanted in a location. It needed to be spooky, so the film gods granted their wishes.

In 2019, the location that was chosen for the Hospice was abandoned. It was abandoned in 2019 after a large fire destroyed many establishments. The suspenseful scenes in the movies are also scary in real life!

Burnaby (British Columbia, Canada)

After filming wrapped in Metro Vancouver, the crew and cast moved down to Burnaby. Many outdoor scenes were filmed in Burnaby, including the Central Park of Burnaby. You can find the park at Imperial Street in Burnaby. If you are near the area, make sure to visit it.

Midnight Club was filmed at Burnaby’s Bridge Studios. Many scenes in the series required to be shot on a set. The producers built several sets at Bridge Studios. The place can be found at Boundary Road, Burnaby.

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Last words

There you go, folks! We hope you now know where Midnight Club was filmed. You will be taken on an emotional rollercoaster ride. It is a horror series that you might find scary, but it will make you feel connected to the characters. You can empathize with those who are hopeless and wish the supernatural could heal them!

If you enjoyed learning about the filming locations for Midnight Club, you might also like to see other movies and shows. We’re sure you’d love to find out where shows such as Pretty Little Liars and Line Of Duty were filmed.

Is The Midnight Club a horror series?

The Midnight Club can be classified as a young adult horror show.

What is The Midnight Club’s age rating?

The Midnight Club is TV-MA rated, which means that mature adults must view it.

Where can I watch The Midnight Club?

The Midnight Club can be viewed on Netflix.

What are the episodes of The Midnight Club?

The Midnight Club has a total of 10 episodes.

Is there a total of ten seasons of The Midnight Club?

As of this writing, The Midnight Club has only one season.

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