Where Was Love And Monsters Filmed? All Filming Locations!

Although fairytales that are cliche cause me to shiver, I’d lie if I said that I’ve never thought of being saved by some beautiful, brave prince. Is he saved from what? From a zombie or monster apocalypse. However, this isn’t the case in real life (sad existence). Therefore, I find comfort in watching movies such as Love And Monsters (2020) and learning about the locations of filming. If you’re like me, you must know where Love And Monsters were filmed too.

Today, Love And Monsters is not your standard love or monster film. It’s got elements of comedy, action, fantasy and more. If you enjoy watching survival films, it is likely that you will enjoy this one too. What about the cinematography? Perfect. The monsters? Awesomely scary. The concept? Touching. The male character, Joel Dawson? I’m looking for a man similar to him right now.

Let’s go back to the locations used for filming Love And Monsters. The film was shot in a dark post-apocalyptic gloom. Aah, just kidding. Although all the greenery could suggest that the film was shot in California, the actual filming site is Queensland, Australia!

If you decide to go to the locations where filming took place for Love And Monsters, this information will not suffice. It is essential to follow Joel Dawson’s steps and take his exact path. This is why knowing which scenes from Love And Monsters were filmed in which locations will help. Keep scrolling and I’ll ensure you have all the information you need!

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The Story Of Love And Monsters | What’s Love And Monsters About?

A meteor poised to strike earth had released chemical compounds that caused animals to transform into monsters and endanger humans. Many towns, including Fairfield, which is where Joel Dawson lived, had to be evacuated. The residents were forced to hide underground to protect themselves. In the streets, bloodthirsty creatures swarmed. Yes, there was. It was true that a Monsterpocalyspe occurred.

After an evacuation, Joel Dawson was forced to break up with his high school girlfriend, Aimee. Before leaving, he told her he would look for her in the future. In the course of a terrifying creature attack, Joel suffered the loss of both his parents. Joel was forced to live with others who survived in the underground community.

Seven years have passed since Monsterpocalyspe. Joel has taken everything on the line and is now off to find his lover Aimee. He’s not equipped to handle all the dangers at his doorstep and is determined to make amends with his beloved.

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Here’s where Love And Monsters Filmed | Check out all filming locations below!

Do you believe Joel is able to find Aimee? Do you believe Joel will get to Aimee without injury, given that his entire trip is strewn with human-hunting monsters? How far and far will Joel need to travel before Aimee and Aimee meet? Do you not want to learn more about their journey with Joel? I’m sure you would! Continue going to find out where Love And Monsters were filmed.

In addition, if you’re interested in learning about and seeing the locations used to film sci-fi and fantasy films, why not find out where The Winx Saga, Vampire Academy, and The Green Mile were filmed? You’ll be enthralled to visit these locations, too!

Darlington, Queensland, Australia

If you go to Love And Monsters, you’ll believe that filming was shot in California. But, no. Beware of the false impression. The film was shot in Darlington, Queensland. Michael Matthews, the director of Love And Monsters, said that his ideal location would be “big, wild, wild, and incredible”. Darlington fulfils the criteria well. This is why the production team was able to film the bulk of the film.

Other than Love And Monsters, Queensland has also been used as the location of filming for numerous other television and movie shows. For instance, Godzilla Vs Kong, The Wilds, Harrow, Aquaman and many more. If you happen to visit Queensland, Don’t overlook to visit Whitehaven Beach, Daintree Rainforest, Australia Zoo, and Warner Bros. Movie World.

When you’ve finished visiting these spots, make sure to visit these locations:

Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island is located on Whitsunday Islands, which is around 887 km from Brisbane. It’s probably the only island on the Great Barrier Reef to have its own airport. It is also accessible to tourists throughout the year.

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Sea World

Sea World, located on Gold Coast, Queensland, is ideal if you’re a lover of amusement parks. It’s probably the largest water-themed amusement park that will ever be seen. The park provides rides, animal shows and much more!

Final Words

Alright, folks! We’re at the end of this piece! So, I hope you are aware of where Love And Monsters is filming! The film was entirely shot in Queensland! It’s a great place to add to your bucket list of places to visit! When you do finally go to Queensland, Don’t forget to visit the other places listed above!

Does Love And Monsters Available On Apple TV?

Love And Monsters are available on Apple TV.

Are the movie Love And Monsters Available On Amazon Prime Video?

Love And Monsters are available on Amazon Prime Video.

Does the movie Love And Monsters Available On Redbox. ?

Love And Monsters are available on Redbox.

Does Love And Monsters Available On DIRECTV?

Love And Monsters are available on DIRECTV.

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