Where Was Love Actually Filmed? A Heart-Warming Romantic Christmas Movie

Christmas is a great festival to spend quality time with your family and friends. People often watch films with their friends at the festival. So I am here to share Love Actually (2003), a beautiful romantic comedy movie. Don’t worry about not remembering the filming location after watching the movie. This article will provide information about where Love Actually was filmed.

Love Actually was a Christmas-themed romance drama that was released in 2003. Richard Curtis directed the movie and wrote the script. The movie Love Actually explores a variety of love stories through many interconnected narratives. This happy holiday movie celebrates Love and life in London. It received positive reviews from critics upon its release.

Love Actually can be enjoyed with family members. You’re probably here because you want to know where Love Actually was filmed. Before you can learn about the locations, let me explain the plot of the film. The plot is below. Next, we’ll dive into the locations.

What Is Love Actually About?

Love Actually traces the story of nine intertwined relationships that occur in the United Kingdom during the weeks leading to Christmas. It covers the essentials of the holiday season, including the Christmas party and the school pageant. The plot covers every relationship stage, from the first crush to your final days. The cast and performances are also very enjoyable.

Love stories include the Prime minister falling for his chef, Liam Neeson’s son experiencing Love, Liam Neeson’s first-time boyfriend, Liam Neeson’s son finding Love, Liam Neeson’s writer who adores her Portuguese secretary, and a woman who suspects that her husband is having an affair. This is the funniest story of all. It’s about an old rocker trying to get a #1 hit with a subpar track.

Is this the actual location where Love was actually shot? You can see the beautiful locations here!

While some scenes were shot in a studio, London was used for the majority of the rest. This city is the perfect setting for the characters’ highs and lows in the holiday season. Below are the top London locations that were used to film “LOVE Actually.”

Heathrow Airport London

Although not the most glamorous airport, Heathrow Airport is included because it serves both the end and beginning of the film. Heathrow Airport is London’s busiest airport, with over 200,000 passengers leaving each day. There’s a good possibility that you will pass Heathrow Airport while flying to London.


St. Lukes Mews may be the most beautiful Love Actually location in London. St. Lukes Mews is a beautiful Mews Street in London and a must-see when you visit Notting Hill.


This location was used for several filming scenes. Somerset House’s imposing, neo-classical façade is located in a prime location on the Strand. Every year, it hosts an outdoor skating rink. This is a great place to improve your skating skills and see where the Love Actually movie scenes were filmed.


This adorable little wedding is the setting for Peter and Juliet’s marriage. Grosvenor Chapel, located in Mayfair in the city, was actually built in the 1730s. This beautiful place of worship is so well-known it was used as an architectural model by many New England churches.


Harry (Alan Rickman) and his wife stop by this department store while shopping for Christmas gifts. They want to buy a gift for Harry’s secret lover, Mia, and her secretary.

This scene is undoubtedly one of the hilarious scenes in the movie, thanks to Rowan Atkinson’s presence! Visit Selfridges on Oxford Street today to experience one of Britain’s most luxurious shopping experiences.

Blenheim Road, St. Johns Wood | London

Jamie discovers that his longtime girlfriend has a relationship with his brother. Blenheim Road is a common residential street with very few landmarks or activities.


The setting for many plotlines is the school Christmas concert. The filming takes place in Putney, SW London’s Elliott School. Ark Putney Academy is the current name of this school, which serves students from 11-18 years old.

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