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The thriller genre is unique and has the mystery of the entire story. There are numerous wonderful mystery thrillers for you to enjoy. One of them can be found in one of the German Show, Kitz. If you liked the Show and want to know where Kitz is filming.

Kitz is a suspenseful mystery show that follows the journey of a young woman who is determined to reveal the glamorous lifestyles of an influential clique. The Show also explores the mystery of the murder of her brother and the possibility of involvement by the group. Eight episodes of the German series are currently renewed for a brand new season, too.

Kitz was filmed mostly within Germany as well as Austria. Most of the series were shot in the town of Kitzbuhel in Austria. A few regions from Munich as well as Bavaria were also utilized for filming the Show. It’s undisputed that the region’s stunning locales were perfect for the creators. Using the actual location to film gave an authentic appearance to the Show.

We will explore where Kitz recorded and the locations used for filming scenes from the series. If you’re interested in exploring the locations for filming for other films such as Cracow Monsters and The Man From Toronto Also, look up the locations where the films were shot.

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Kitz | Reveal You’re True Nature!

Let’s briefly look at the storyline of this thriller mystery before exploring the locations Kitz shot.

Kitz is an intimate thriller that centres around the story of Lisi, who cannot let go of the loss of her father. One year after her brother’s passing, she is part of an influential group. However, the longer she spent with the perfect people, she began to discover that there was plenty of dark under the glittering and glamorous life.

Lisi is then able to make it her mission to expose the dark secrets of the group and the inhumane actions being committed by the members. Lisi is able to unravel the mysteries of some of the incidents and events which create an array of issues with the group.

What did Lisi find out concerning the group? What happens after the details of the group’s conduct are revealed? Who will bear the blame for their actions? Find out the mystery of Lisi on Netflix right now and discover what will come in the future.

Where Was Kitz Filmed?

Kitz was mostly shot in Austria because Kitzbuhel is the name of the city. Kitzbuhel is located in the region. However, some of the Show which focus on people from influential cliques were also shot in Germany because that’s where they come from. It is possible to explore the locations used for filming Reservation Dogs and Sister Swap in case you know the exact location of filming the series.

With no delay, let’s begin the journey to discover the locations where Kitz recorded.


Kitz was primarily filmed in Austria However, all scenes in the interior of the Show were shot in Munich. Also called Bavaria, the State of Bavaria, The scenes of the Show were shot in the Klosterhof Alpine Hideaway & Spa. The hotel is located in the suburbs of Munich, and the production was carried out in a studio in Munich.

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Munich is considered the most important capital of Germany and is well-known for its beautiful scenery. Munich is a huge city with many suburbs and small towns, making it a peaceful area to explore. If you’re travelling through Europe or other regions of Europe, The city of Munich is, without doubt, one of the cities that you must visit.

Munich is well-known for its breweries. It is the home of one of the top beer breweries around the world. Munich is also well-known among tourists for its stunning architecture. In addition to breweries, the city also has numerous production studios as well in book publishing.

The top places to go to in the event of a trip to Munich are the numerous castles located within the city and around. Apart from that, the city is host to many parks, as well as historical places as well. There is also a variety of German cuisine in Munich since it’s one of the top locations to taste authentic German food.


The plot of the series Kitz revolves around the city of Kitzbuhel, located in Austria. Filming for all of the series’s exterior scenes was filmed in the town itself. It is also interesting to note that it is recognized for its top ski resorts worldwide.

Kitzbuhel is a tiny town that is surrounded by the Alps and is recognized for its location in the area of Tyrol. The town is not just set in the stunning scenery and stunning scenery, but it is also famous for its significance in the past. The town’s history is traced back to the period of its founding during the Roman Empire, and it could have been founded earlier than the Empire.

Kitzbuhel is currently heavily dependent on its economic viability on the flow of tourists. It is not just famous for its ski resorts but also offers the opportunity to hike and trek tourists. It’s possible to say that it is heaven for those who be outdoors and enjoy activities.

In addition to being very well-known and suitable for those who enjoy outdoor activities. The town of medieval times is well-known for its restaurants and cafes. There is also the option to go to the Museum Kitzbuhel if you are curious about the significance of the tiny town at different times.

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Final Words

We’ve compiled all the details on the locations where Kitz recorded. If you’re interested in watching films and TV shows on the internet for free, you should also look into the streaming options available to watch I Came by as well as Armie Hammer Documentary.

We knew nothing about the location where Kitz made it. If you’d like to find out how your most loved movies or TV series were made, you are able to suggest these to us. We’ll be sure to include the locations of filming for more of your top films in the near future.

What’s the cast for Kitz?

The cast of the TV show Kitz includes Valerie Huber, Sofie Eifertinger, Ben Felipe, Zoran Pingel, Bless Amanda, Felix Mayer, Florence Kasumba, and Suhaila Amade.

Where can you stream Kitz?

You can view the TV show, Kitz, exclusive to Netflix.

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