Where Was Hot Tub Time Machine Filmed | Every Filming Location!

What happens if you go back to the past? What would be the first thing you’d do? The truth is, these questions pop up in our minds, enthrall us, and keep us thinking deeply. While time travel isn’t an option, it has been a popular domain for films, shows, books, and much more. Hot Tub Time Machine is also a sci-fi comedy that is based on the concept of time travel, and in this post, we’ll discuss the location where Hot Tub Time Machine was Filmed.

The Hot Tub Time Machine is an all-male comedy film that was released in March of this year. The film was produced by Steve Pink and had John Cusack, Rob Corddry, and Craig Robinson in the lead parts. If you’re bored in your home and haven’t seen this movie yet, you should give this film a chance.

The locations for the filming of the film are mostly Vancouver Film Studios, In Vancouver, Canada, and Fernie Alpine Resort, situated in Fernie, British Columbia. Let’s not put off for too long and start looking further at the filming locations in depth.

The plot Of Hot Tub Time Machine | A Sci-Fi Comedy!

The Hot Tub Time Machine is an account of three buddies, Adam, Nick, and Lou, all in their mid-thirties and have different issues in their own lives. They meet after one of their friends suffered poisoning. The three of them, together with Adam’s nephew, are then enticed to go to an area of skiing in Kodiak Valley, where they drink and consume an illegal drink that causes them to retrace their steps back to their previous lives in the 1980s.

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The film follows us on a humorous adventure of three friends as they face the obstacles of their past to create a better future for themselves. To minimize their butterfly effects, they decide to recreate their own memories. As they face these difficult issues, they need to return to their home in 2010.

Where was The Hot Tub Time Machine Filmed? Find All Locations!

Hot Tub Time Machine was successful in the theaters and didn’t fail to impress in its comedy. As the movie is in the science fiction genre and the location did not play a significant role in the movie’s success, they certainly piqued our curiosity and that of readers too. Let’s discuss where Hot Tub Time Machine was filmed and discuss the locations in depth.

Vancouver Film Studios, Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver is believed to be the most diverse city. It is also one of the most popular locations for filming across the country because the city is in the mountains and is home to an enviable music and art scene. If you are a lover of the outdoors, this spot is a dream. There are plenty of exciting things to do next time you visit Vancouver. This includes hiking across the Capilano suspension bridge or looking for killer whales.

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The film industry in Vancouver has been booming for the past decade and has inspired numerous visitors to go to the city for an enthralling look at its stunning spots. Vancouver Film studios is a film and television production facility the Mclean company owns. The studio is located just 15 minutes from the Downtown area. It has 12 specially-built sound stages, production offices, and areas of support for any kind of production.

Vancouver Film studios have also been well-known for producing films in the past. Some of the most famous films and TV shows produced here include the blockbuster Fifty Shades Of Grey, Step Up, and Bates Motel.

Fernie Alpine Resort, British Columbia, Canada

It is believed that the Kodiak Valley Ski Resort shown in the film is really Fernie Alpine Resort, which has the highest snowfall in Canada. It is renowned for its beautiful landscapes and skiing, making it the ideal location to film this film. Many locals living within the resort were perfect actors in the film. Filming for the film was completed following the Ski season had ended.

The filming was primarily in the plaza, which was given a makeover to reflect the look of the 80s. The ice sculpture chainsaw sequence was shot in this area. Watch the clock, along with the Silver Peaks Lodge that is shown in the film, are artificially made sets created by the production team and dismantled once the filming is completed. The scenes of the restaurant and parties were shot in The Brickhouse, a real restaurant in the town.

A few scenes from outside the film were shot on Mount Seymour due to the season’s closing. Other locations used for filming within The Hot Tub Time Machine include the Best Western Fernie motor lodge, Three Sisters Travelodge, Timberline Lodge, etc. In 2019, the Liam Neeson film Cold Pursuit too shot there at Fernie Alpine Resort.

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Final Words

Alright! It’s the end of this article. I’ve provided all the details regarding the film’s locations to give you more information about the locations where the Hot Tub Tim Machine was shot. If you’re an avid snow-lover and are planning your trip to Canada during winter, ensure that you keep the resort’s amazing location in mind so that you can visit and experience the thrill of skiing of a lifetime.

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How long will Hot Tub Time Machine?

Hot Tub Time Machine runs 1 hour and 41 minutes in length, which includes the beginning and ending credits.

Where can I view Hot Tub Time Machine online?

The Hot Tub time machine is now available for streaming on Hulu. The monthly cost of a subscription with Hulu is $6.99.

Who created the Hot Tub Time Machine?

Josh Heald writes the story behind Hot Tub Time Machine. The screenplay was created by Josh Heald, Sean Anders, and John Morris.

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