Where Was Dr. No Filmed? Onset Of An Intense Battle

It’s clear that James Bond thriller movies are a must-watch. What if I told you that you could also view the filming locations? It’s the icing on top! If you’re ready to enjoy this delicious icing, scroll down to find out where Dr. No was filmed!

Dr. No (1962) describes the mission of James Bond, Britain’s top agent. He must solve the mystery of Dr. No and defeat him as an eccentric scientist. James must use his skills to stop scientists from harming the U.S. space program. What can James do to stop the damage? What are the challenges awaiting him?

Dr. The entire shooting of Dr. The primary locations were Kingston and Liguanea Club. Kinsale Street. Les Ambassadeurs. Norman Manley International Airport. Kings House. Morgan’s Harbor. Couples Sans Souci. Laughing Waters. Kaiser Terminal.

After reading all the names, I’m sure you’re shocked. Don’t worry. I’m here to tell you all about Dr. No filmed!

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Where was Dr. No Filmed? It’s time to board the London Express.

Before you begin to find out about the locations of filming, Dr. No is not the first James Bond movie. The movie is based on Ian Fleming’s novel of the same title. Let’s find out where Dr. No was filmed!

Here’s something for those who are eager to find out where Dr. No was filmed. Take a look at all locations to expand your knowledge.


The opening scenes were shot in Kingston. However, the scenes were shot in Harbor Street. Book your tickets today if you’re keen to visit the capital city of Jamaica. This capital city is famous for its natural harbor, which is protected by the Palisadoes (narrow Peninsula). There are numerous tourist and recreational resorts that will make your trip memorable.

Liguanea Club

The Queens Club filmed the action sequence in which John is gunned to death. This place is now known as Liguanea Club and can be found at 80 Knutsford Boulevard. It is also a private hotel and sports club that caters to tourists from all over the globe throughout the year. Surprisingly it is also home to the Jamaican Squash Association. Don’t miss out on this amazing place!

Kinsale Street

The cottage where Strangway’s secretary is located and John chooses clues to solve his mystery is located on Kinsale street. This street can be found in the North of Kingston. Unfortunately, you cannot request to visit this street as it has been removed from the area since a recent redesign. You can still learn more about Kinsale Street by browsing the internet.

Les Ambassadeurs

John 007 is first seen in the movie. You can see the lavish building behind him. This place is Les Ambassadeurs (club), Hamilton Palace. It is located in Mayfair’s finest Georgian property. This is your chance if you’ve never been to a luxurious club!

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Norman Manley International Airport

John is planning to move to West Indies when he meets Mr. Jones at Norman Manley International Airport. This airport is just halfway along Palisadoes Road and is only ten miles from Kingston. This airport handles domestic flights only.

King’s House

The meeting sequence of the Colonial Secretary was shot at King’s House on Hope Road. This extraordinary location is currently the official residence of the Governor-General. This royal mansion is closed to the public, so it can’t be visited.

Morgan’s Harbor

Bond’s fighting skills can be seen in the waterfront sequence shot at Morgan’s Harbor near Port Royal. This attractive hotel boasts stunning views of Kingston Bay, the Blue Mountains, and more. This is not a review of the hotel. You can explore it for yourself!

Couples Sans Souci, Ocho Rios

Miss Taro’s huge establishment on Magenta Drive was shot at the Grand Lido Sans Souci Hotel. It has now been renamed Couples Sans Souci. This hotel served as the filming location and provided crew members with accommodation.

Laughing Waters

The beach scene where Honey Ryder rises from the water waves was taken at Laughing Waters. This is where you will find lush green gardens, a beautiful villa, and a peaceful experience. The villa can be rented at a very affordable rate for your family.

Kaiser Terminal

The Bauxite mine in the movie that Dr. No is seen with is actually located at the Kaiser Terminal along the A3 coast road. The terminal isn’t functional at the moment, but the locals saw cruises a few decades back. This place is a great way to recreate the action scenes!

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Final Words

This article about Dr. No must have been read. There are many locations, so it may be difficult to remember. You can mark your favorites and get more information. This sounds really cool!

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