Where Was Do Revenge Filmed | Every Location Explained!

If you’re wondering where Do Revenge was filmed but are more concerned with the grammar of the movie’s name, we feel for that. We’re sure that’s what our initial thought was. However, we’re not here to argue about grammar but to learn more about the film. That’s exactly the goal we’ll be pursuing, and you’ll be along.

With some of the most popular stars featuring some of the most popular names in Hollywood today, Do Revenge is a funny and entertaining little film. It was written as well as directed by Jennifer Kaylin Robinson. We include Maya Hawke, Camila Mendes, Austin Abrams, and Jonathan Daviss in the film. Also, we get a tiny cameo appearance by Sophie Turner and Sarah Michelle Gellar!

Where was the film Do Revenge filmed? The film is set in Miami. However, it was mostly shot in Atlanta, Georgia. Certain scenes were shot on location in Miami, Florida. Do Revenge was first scheduled to be shot primarily on location in Los Angeles, but the location was later changed.

The locations for the filming of Do Revenge feature some of the most popular and trendy places in Miami. If you’re from one of these areas, it’s always good to see them represented in mainstream films. A few examples are films like Toscana and Game Set Love. These Hallmark films were entirely made in Canada and included several of Canada’s most well-known locations in Canada!

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Before we find out where Do Revenge was filmed, let’s first look at the movie’s story. Do Revenge is a dark film for teens which tackles some serious issues with sensitivity.

High school life can be tough and teenage girls can be an annoyance. The two girls, Eleanor and Drea, have their lives changed by the bullying in their secondary school. The first is that Drea’s boyfriend leaked his private footage to the whole school. It insults her and destroys her reputation, which she’s worked hard to keep over the last 17 years.

In a separate incident, Eleanor suffers the same defamation process and is now viewed by many as her as an outcast. The two students who were once normal are now treated as people who are outcasts and shunned by all the students at school.

The two misfits are friends with one another and take comfort in their respective miseries. They decide to reverse their fate by bringing Revenge on the bullies of each other. Eleanor is determined to take Revenge on Drea’s boyfriend, while Drea will get Revenge on her sexy bullies. The two will have funny scenes. The two actors have incredible chemistry on the screen.

Where Was Do Revenge Filmed? The Best Places to know about!

Do Revenge addresses issues involving naming, shaming, and shaming teens for their toxic attitudes and bullying. The internet has impacted how we interact with each other. The impact has both positive and negative. Although Do Revenge does a good job of being funny, it also has an issue it exposes.

If you’re in the mood for something lighthearted and stimulating, you should definitely consider giving Do Revenge a shot. It was released on September 16, 2022, via Netflix; it has received favorable reviews.

If you’re curious about where Do Revenge was filmed and where in Miami you can locate the locations from the movie and more, read on!

Miami, Florida

Although Do Revenge is set in Miami however, there’s very no shooting conducted in Miami. Only a handful of images that show Miami, in general, are included in the film. The most notable of those are those that tell viewers that they are really in Miami.

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Julia Tuttle Causeway, Miami

Our main characters are in an awkward exchange. The film starts, and Drea experiences her entire experience, her life at school is devastated due to the scandal her boyfriend caused. Drea runs off and heads to her car to drive her home, but the car isn’t able to begin. Here is where she meets Eleanor.

Eleanor offers to offer Drea the opportunity to ride with her home. We are shown a large pan shot of the two enjoying a ride on a huge motorway. It’s called the Julia Tuttle Causeway in Miami. If you’re in the Miami beach area and want to head to the east, you’ll need to pass via the highway.

CURIO is located in Faena District, Miami Beach, Florida

Another awesome spot featured in the film that was shot on location in Miami is the view of the storefront to Curio. The storefront is actually inside the Atlantic Hotel in the Faena District of Miami Beach.

Atlantic Hotel Atlantic Hotel has a rich tradition of culture and art that is a part of it. It is famous for having paintings worth millions of dollars inside its gallery of artwork. This hotel is a unique experience. If you’re located in Miami and would like to go to the Curio and the Curio Bazaar, you’ll be required to go to the Faena Bazaar around the Miami Beach region.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA

The majority of the principal scenes were shot during the filming in Miami. Do Revenge filming was moved into Atlanta, Georgia, for the remainder of the movie. The most well-known locations in Atlanta are where the school is located and a few outdoor shots.

Oglethorpe University, Brookhaven, Atlanta.

Which schools are the schools that Eleanor and Drea attend? The school is the one that’s fictional from Rosehill Country Day. If you search for a school located in Atlanta, it will take a while for anything to show up. Oglethorpe University’s campus was used to film the exterior shots of the film. Oglethorpe University was used.

The campus has a distinctively gothic-inspired look, which is why it’s the ideal spot. The reason why? The reason is that gothic era architecture and mowed lawns perfectly reflect the high school spoiled to us.

One of the most beautiful locations in the entire film is the resort where they have a party. The scene in which Drea fights with Eleanor’s bully close to the pool is a masterpiece. The party is also known to be among the most expensive locations in all of Atlanta.

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Final Words

We hope that now you know where Do Revenge was filmed! Netflix has done an excellent job of scoring this film, and, with its constantly growing catalog of teen dramas, it’s just the beginning, it appears. We also suggest you look into the locations where shows such as Pretty Little Liars and Line of Duty were shot! These locations will really surprise you!

Do you know if Sophie Turner will star in Do Revenge?
Sure, Sophie Turner has a tiny appearance in the film Do Revenge

Where can I go to Do Revenge?
You can stream Do Revenge on Netflix.

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