Where Was Dark Shadows Filmed

Directed by the auteur Tim Burton and based on the cult ABC soap show of the same name directed by Dan Curtis, ‘Dark Shadows is a 2012 horror film that features a stylistic niggle by the filmmaker. The plot follows Barnabas Collins, an aristocratic rake ( Johnny Depp) who leaves his Liverpool family home along with his parents to move into the city of Collinsport. But his extravagant lifestyle comes to an end when he turns down the offers of his housekeeper, who is also witch Angelique Bouchard ( Helena Bonham Carter).

Barnabas curses Angelique that all the people he is in love with will pass away, and a second curse creates a vampire out of Barnabas. The story is set in the fictional town of Collinsport, and the director’s stylized treatment creates a quirky look to the film. You might also be curious about where the film was shot and, in that case, let us be your guide!

Dark Shadows Filming Locations

“Dark Shadows” was shot filming in England, Scotland, and Canada. According to the reports, the principal shooting began on May 18, 2011, and was completed on September 30, 2011. Bruno Delbonnel served as the cinematographer of the production. The creative team also comprised the production designer Rick Heinrichs (his notable works include ‘ The Big Lebowski as well as ‘ Sleepy Hollow’) and costume designer Colleen Atwood (of ‘Alice in Wonderland fame). Let us guide you to the exact locations where the film was shot at!

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Buckinghamshire, England

Most of the film was shot in England, and a large portion of the filming took place in Buckinghamshire, the county of ceremonies in South East England. Pinewood Studios, a major film studio located on Pinewood Road in the Slough suburbs of Iver Heath, Buckinghamshire, used its premises to film most of the interior scenes. In this way, the production team had total control over the process of creation.

About 18 miles to the west to west of Central London, the iconic Pinewood Studios has played host to various blockbuster movies. In addition to the famous”007″ Stage (which was built for the James Bond film “The Spy Who Loving Me’), the studio is home to over 20 stages in various dimensions and acres of backlots to support productions. Starting with ‘ The Dark Knight to ‘ Doctor Strange, various superhero films have opted to use the studio in addition to a number of Bond films.

The crew also shot scenes at The Black Park Country Park, an expansive park that covers 250 acres that is of great scientific importance. It is located at Black Park Road. It is located just 2 miles away from Pinewood Studios. The scenes with forested areas were mostly filmed in the region.

Other locations in England

The film was shot at various other locations throughout England but not confined to the studio. While filming, the team visited some of the most famous places in the country. The filming took place within the vicinity of Beckenham Place Mansion and the adjacent Beckenham Place Park, a stunning Georgian Mansion situated in Beckenham located in Kent County. The Beckenham Place Mansion is public property, and the cultural center isn’t an ideal location for filming, but it has been used in the comedy-horror film “Here Comes Hell..’

Certain sequences also feature Start Point, a peninsula near the city of Kingsbridge situated in the South Hams district of Devon. Nearest to the southernmost spot, the promontory features a famous lighthouse, built in 1836 in order to avoid wrecks of ships in the region. Nowadays, the lighthouse and the abundance of birds make it a favorite tourist destination.

A few scenes were shot. Some scenes were shot in Cornwall, England. The rugged southwestern region of England is located at the coastline. The county has become well-known as a tourist destination because of the Moorish landscapes, sprawling beaches, charming harbor villages, and extravagant resorts at sea.

The crew also visited the renowned filming site and hiking region in Bourne Woods, just south of Farnham, situated in Surrey County of England. From Steven Spielberg’s “Warhorse” through Alfonso Cuaron’s sci-fi dystopian film Children of Men,’ Bourne Woods has served as a filming location for several films.

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Argyll, as well as Bute, Scotland

The crew also went on an excursion through The large Moorish terrain of Scotland to shoot a few scenes. Its Isle of Mull, a small island with a low population density located in the Inner Hebrides archipelago west of Mainland Scotland, provided the background for a few scenes. The island covers 875.35 square kilometers. The island is the fourth-largest of its kind in the UK and is a well-known vacation spot during summer. The island is part of the council area of the unitary authority that includes Argyll And Bute.

Whitby, Ontario

Some sequences were recorded on the opposite side of the Atlantic. Burton led his crew to Whitby, which is a major township located in Whitby, which is located in the Durham Region of Southern Ontario, Canada. The filming took place at Trafalgar Castle School. It is an internationally renowned Girls’ Boarding School located at 401 Reynolds Street in the township.

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