Where Was Britannia Filmed | All Filming Locations With Storyline!

Historical fantasy is among the most intriguing genres in the entire world of literature. It is impossible to capture the fascinating historical details as effectively as in this genre’s movies and television shows. The films of the past, such as Troy, are a gateway to a new one that (sadly) is no more. In addition to that time’s social norms, fashion styles and customs, their location is equally attractive. I believe the right place adds half the excitement to the historical productions.

If you’re looking to take in Britannia to the fullest, It is essential to be aware of the location where it was shot. The Show was shot in some stunningly beautiful landscapes of the Czech Republic, Wales, and even parts of England. The production team was required to establish filming camps in various locations to ensure that the Show would appear and feel more real to viewers.

Aren’t you intrigued to learn more about the locations for filming this Show that is historical fantasy? If you’re a fan of history is a must. If I was you, I’d love to know everything about the location where Britannia was made! It’s also worth scrolling to get the entire specifics.

It’s the Plot Of Britannia | What Is Britannia About?

In the year 43 AD, The story of Britannia is based on an era of Roman assault on Britain. In the past, Britain used to be comprised of many kingdoms and tribes. A different king ran each. In the year 90, Julius Caesar failed to conquer Britain.

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However, General Aulus Plautius and Lucius, his second-in-command, are committed to winning over Britain. They’re ready to do whatever they can to accomplish the job Caesar could not accomplish. However, the tribal warrior queens Queen Antedia and Queen Kerra are determined not to let this happen.

Before we continue, we will provide some additional information about the film:

Here’s where Britannia Filmed | Check Out the locations of filming below!

How do you feel is going to be the next thing to happen in Britannia? Do general and second-in-command be successful? Or will the Queens unleash their dark power to prevent it from taking place? The plot is fascinating. It is something that keeps you interested throughout the entire story until the conclusion. However, we must not forget the part the locations used for filming play in bringing this story to life. Continue studying to find out where Britannia was shot.

If you also like to learn about the filming locations for historical fantasy films, look up the locations where The Woman King and Medieval (a Czech historical action drama)were filmed. I’m sure you’ll come to enjoy these old locations for filming too!

Prague, Czech Republic

The majority of the filming for Britannia was completed in Prague, Czech Republic. The scenes that feature those old landscapes were shot within the Central Bohemian Region. Most of the scenes in interiors featured in the Season 1 series were shot at Barrandow Studios in Prague.

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The production team was also required to build a few sets for themselves. One of the most impressive among the bunch was the Amber Palace. It was designed to look like a realistic model of Stonehenge. A large open field close to Morinka was used for this reason. Aside from that, scenes featuring Regni as well as Cantii settlements were shot near Morina village.


The production unit built the village around Nash Point in Marcross. But, it’s not possible to see the famous lighthouse in the Show because it was removed from the filming. Some scenes were shot at Henrhyd Waterfalls. It is the tallest fall located in South Wales.

In addition, the shooting of Britannia was also shot in Rhosilli Bay. The beach has been deemed to be among the most stunning beaches anywhere in the world. Therefore, Wales was one stunning location for filming the Show.


The majority of the filming for season 2 was carried out throughout England. For instance, a portion of the filming was done on Broadhaven South Beach, located in Pembrokeshire. Other locations for filming in England included Hertfordshire, Ashridge, and Chobham Common. In all, the Regni tents were placed in all of these locations to serve as a backdrop.

The scenes that depicted Queen Antedia’s funeral were filmed in Pembrokeshire. Hertfordshire, as well as Ashridge, were utilized as locations to create the camps of Druids. Woodlands was established within Chobham Common in Surrey.

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Final Words

Alright, folks! I’m sure you’re aware of where the Show Britannia was filmed! In this post, we examined the locations where filming took place for the historical fantasy series! Now, you can add Wales, the Czech Republic, and England to your travel bucket lists!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Production Companies have worked on Britannia?

Amazon Studios, Neal Street Productions, Neal Street Productions, Amazon Studios, along with Sky comprise the three companies that have collaborated on Britannia.

Is Britannia Available On Netflix?

Britannia isn’t accessible on Netflix.

Is Britannia Available On Amazon Prime Video?

Britannia will be available through Amazon Prime Video.

Is Britannia Available On HBO Max?

Britannia isn’t available via HBO Max.

Is Britannia Available On Google Play Movies?

Britannia isn’t accessible for purchase on Google Play Movies.

Who is the Writer of the Movie Britannia?

Jez Butterworth and Tom Butterworth create the film Britannia.

How Are Some More Movies Like Britannia?

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