Where Was Black Panther Filmed | All Filming Locations!

There’s no more recognizable film franchise than Marvel available. Being the kind of company they are, the films and Marvel movies are a worldwide phenomenon on an enormous scale. It is only natural that the location of the filming is as well! We are here to inform you about the locations where Black Panther was filmed. Make sure to tighten your seat belts!

Directed by super cool Ryan Coogler, Black Panther is among the most profitable and lucrative films to ever be produced. It’s probably just behind other Marvel films like Avengers as well as Spiderman. The stunning cinematography is complemented by the amazing performance of Chadwick Boseman, Michael B Jordan, Andy Serkis and all the others.

Where was Black Panther filmed? The film was shot across the globe. Black Panther filming took place in studios in Georgia, in high mountains in Uganda and Zimbabwe, the waterfalls in Argentina, and on the street scenes in South Korea.

The scale of filming this large, the number of people working behind the scenes would have been huge! Although the filming locations are there when films and shows are filmed in one location, it’s much easier logistically. For instance, the way Heartland and Revenge of The Nerds ended had to be filmed in just one location.

The Storyline of Black Panther | What Is The Movie About?

Before we go on to discover exactly where Black Panther was filmed, we need to take a short refresher. We’re ready to wager that there are people who are fans of the movie from memory. However, for those who aren’t familiar with the movie, here’s a brief overview.

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The story begins in a mysterious fictional region in Africa. The tribes in the region are in a battle against each other over an alien metal called Vibranium. When one of the tribesmen consumes a herb sprayed with metal, they transform into the first black panther. The black panther is sent on a quest with superhuman powers and power.

The tribes of all fighting are united, establishing the Kingdom of Wakanda. The tribes acquire modern weapons, as well as modern technology and come up with a method to hide from the outside world.

This is until someone within the tribes decides to sell the items. The tribesman is transporting vibranium from Wakanda to markets that are black. The newly-crowned King T’chala must discover who is responsible and stop him immediately. In the battle for legacy and the family he has created from his very own family, there’s plenty of drama in the film.

Where was Black Panther Filmed? All the locations you need to know about!

Black Panther has been in the making for over 10 years. Many directors and writers were picked, but many quit. This was until 2016 when Ryan Coogler was chosen and granted the rights to make the movie we see to this day. Even as we grieve over the death of lead Chadwick Boseman The Black Panther franchise is set to go on.

Where was Black Panther filmed? The locations are scattered across the globe. We’ll take a look at what and where they are!

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EUE/Screen Gems Studios, Atlanta, Georgia

The initial filming for Black Panther took place in Atlanta, Georgia. Particularly the EUE/Screen Gems Studios located in Atlanta. Because Black Panther involved a lot of visual work that had to be finished post-production, Studio was assigned the task of handling a large amount of work.

The task was made more challenging by it being the case the fact that Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War was being shot simultaneously. Since Marvel was the StudioStudio that hired them to produce the two films, they needed to be synchronized in order to show Wakanda correctly.

Additionally, Black Panther features some scenes from Oakland, California. When King T’Chaka visits his father, the visit occurs within an apartment complex in Oakland. The actual location is in the Wheat Street Towers located in Atlanta.

They needed to be increased to film scenes that required more supervision and the requirement for studios. In this regard, Black Panther was also filmed at The Pinewood Atlanta Studios. Extra effects, special stunts, and even special effects were also taken into consideration at Studio.

Other locations which are featured in the film include The Met Museum situated in New York, as well as the UN headquarters. High Museum of Art was used as a stand-in to the Met for filming that scene, and Atlanta City Hall was used as a stand-in for the Met. Atlanta City Hall was used as a stand-in UN Headquarters.

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All Across Africa – Uganda, South Africa, and Zimbabwe

Most of the opening sequences that introduce us to Wakanda were made in Africa. The aerial shots were made within Uganda, South Africa and Zimbabwe. One of the most important areas in which Black Panther was filmed in the Rwenzori Mountains and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda.

Iguazu Falls in Argentina

One of the major scenes from Black Panther is the coronation ceremony for the new king of Wakanda. This scene takes place in an area called The Warrior Falls in Wakanda. The scenes were shot in the Iguazu Falls in Argentina. With only a little CGI added later, Iguazu Falls are as amazing as it appears in the film!

Busan, South Korea

In addition to the area in Wakanda, Black Panther also includes a lot of urban scenes within the film. The most significant scene of the film is the scene in which King T’Chala is involved in a car chase, the criminals believed to be in the business of smuggling Vibranium.

These scenes were made within the Busan City of South Korea. Some other locations within Korea that are included in the film include the Jagalchi Fish Market, Gwangalli Beach and Marine City, and the Gwangandaegyo Bridge.

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Final Words

There you go, you guys! We hope that now you know where Black Panther was filmed! The movie is among the top Marvel films available and is an absolute must-see. Even if you’re a non-big fan of Marvel, we’re sure you’ll be impressed by the film!

Suppose you are interested in knowing the locations where filming took place for the most popular shows and films. Look up the locations where shows like Pretty Little Liars and Line of Duty have been filmed! If you find yourself with a favourite film or TV show, inform us of it. We’ll try to find a way to discuss it!

Is Wakanda a real country?

It’s not true. Wakanda isn’t a real country.

The villain of Black Panther?

Killmonger is the antagonist in Black Panther.

When will Black Panther 2 come out?

There is currently no date for the date Black Panther 2 is going to release.

Where can I view Black Panther for free?

It is possible to watch Black Panther on Apple TV for a cost. If you’re looking to stream Black Panther for free, consider using sites like the 123movies website, Diecast, and Yidio.

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