Where Was Billy The Kid Filmed | Plot And Filming Locations!

Good old Western films and television shows are difficult to find. There is often an element of over-dramatization or under-representation. We are fortunate that EPIX produced an amazing western known as Billy The Kid and did exactly what they wanted to do. Today, we’ll explain everything about it as well as reveal the location where Billy The Kid was filmed! Continue reading to the very last page!

Michael Hirst created the Show. The Show is an intelligent and well-thought-out adaptation of the well-known story of the famous rebellion William Bonney. Billy, The Kid, stars Tom Blyth as the main character Billy, who plays a convincing performance as the child who the entire West feared at some point. Some actors, such as Daniel Webber, Eileen O’Higgins, and Sean Owen Roberts, star in the film.

Where was Billy The Kid filmed? Billy’s story Billy is set in the areas of Arizona in the states of Arizona and New Mexico, but the Show was shot in Canada. The filming of Billy The Kid took place in Calgary, Canada. In particular, areas in Alberta and surrounding Alberta.

The locations for filming depict the wild West in an enthralling way; after all, it’s nothing but barren lands and ranches. One thing that is common to Westerners is the fact that they possess an edgy feel to them. We have seen this in movies such as the Sacketts, Crossfire Trails and numerous others throughout the years!

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The Plot of Billy, The Kid | What is the Show About?

Before we proceed to discover where Billy The Kid was filmed, we’ll take a glance at what the Show’s story is. Billy, The Kid’s production started in the summer of 2021 and ended in late October of that year. As long as Michael Hirst has been in charge of the Show, we can anticipate many amazing scenes!

The Show is about the cult story of William Bonney, also called Henry McCarty. Bonney was a young man for his actions, and he became famous; as such, his name quickly became a household word. Billy, The Kid, got stuck. Billy was the son of an Irish Immigrant who emigrated to the US for better opportunities. He was born in New York. Billy and his family relocated to Indiana and later ended up staying in Wichita, Kansas.

Then, Billy learned the ropes of living. Many times, he was in trouble for things such as small-scale theft and other things. At the age of just fifteen, he lost his mother to tuberculosis, also known as consumption. The sudden demise of his mother also led to his stepfather’s departure, leaving him as well as his brother. The abandoned kids walked an unforgiving path that they ended up loving.

Billy The Kid got notorious for his behaviour and willingness to murder. In the last quarter of the 1800s, Billy the Kid is acknowledged to have committed at most eight murders that were confirmed. In addition to his fame, he played an integral part during The Lincoln County War. Billy, The Kid, was able to become an armed rebel. But he was killed during a shootout in 1881 at twenty-one years old.

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Where was Billy the Kid Filmed – All The Locations You Should Be Educated About

Billy The Kid has revived the legend of the city in a stunning way. The story has been paired with amazing acting and flawless direction from Hirst. The Show debuted in 2022 and has been receiving praise from the public. The audience and critics are awestruck by the Show. Whether there will be a second season or not is yet to be determined.

Where were the locations where Billy The Kid was filmed? Find all the amazing locations below!

Alberta, Canada

Yes, we are aware that Canada isn’t exactly an American wild west, but it’s actually the perfect substitute. Canada is Hollywood’s home, and we can tell it through the sheer affection it gets from filmmakers. Alberta, Canada, provided the ideal location for the filming of Billy The Kid.

Kananaskis Country, Alberta

The area is known for its valleys, mountains, and vast landscapes. Kananaskis Country is not a province but rather a region of Alberta. The federal government designated the area in Alberta as a place that can be used for multi-use. The area is extremely accommodating to crew and cast and has been designed to be a breeze for filming.

If you’re a tourist, you’re in luck since there are plenty of things to do around Kananaskis for you. While trekking and hiking are common, there are also natural parks as well as other points of interest in Kananaskis. If you find that it’s a bit familiar, then it is. Kananaskis is featured in many popular films, such as Revenant.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The crew and cast members resided in Calgary throughout the duration of the film. But that’s not all Calgary was utilized for. The vast rural landscapes of Calgary with beautiful meadows as well as ranches were also used to film Billy The Kid. Calgary has been the setting for numerous big productions throughout the decades. One of the most notable is the long-running production of Heartland.

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Final Words

We hope that you now know the location where Billy The Kid was filmed! The Show consists of eight episodes, with each one getting better than the preceding one. If we’re honest, we watched the entire Show in just a day since it was so excellent! Watching the story that is Billy The Kid come to life in such an amazing way was amazing.

When you watch Billy The Kid, you need to decide who is the bad guy and who is the good guy if you’re in the middle to find the locations where filming took place for your most loved shows and movies. We suggest you look up the locations where The Son, Morbius, and Line of Duty filmed! In the event that you’ve got a favourite of yours that you’d like to be included, tell us about it in the feedback below!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I see Billy, The Kid?

You can stream Billy, The Kid on Amazon Prime, VUDU, and Apple TV.

Do you know if Billy, the Kid will have a second season?

At present, there is no news on the second season of Billy, The Kid.

Does Billy the Kid a true tale?

Absolutely, Billy The Kid is inspired by a true tale.

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