Where Was Barbershop 3 Filmed | All About The Comedy Flick!

Are you a big fan of hip-hop music? Would you like to see the greatest hip-hop artists in one film? If so, then you should read this article, where I discuss the thriller film Barbershop and also tell you where Barbershop was filmed.

Barbershop 3 (also known as Barbershop 3: The Next Cut) is an American comedy-based film. This film was released in 2016 and is the third and final installment of Barbershop’s film series. It is also a sequel to Barbershop 2: Back in Business.

The film was a huge box office success, received positive reviews from critics, and won the All Def Movie Awards 2017. The film’s locations are amazing, to say the very least.

Let me briefly discuss Barbershop 3’s plot so you can better understand the story. Also, I will share the locations where the film was shot with you.

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What’s It About

Barbershop 3 can be found in the “Chiraq” neighborhood of South Side Chicago.

This movie shows you the emerging American culture of hip-hop music and the gang violence and murders that have dramatically increased over the years.

Malcolm D Lee, the director, brilliantly brings to life the issue of gang violence, which has seen an increase in recent years in America, through his comedy feature movie. Calvin, the protagonist of the film, is the barbershop owner who is fed up with the increasing crime rate in his shop. His salon is supported by his work with Angie (Regina Hall), his competitor.

We will then introduce other employees to the shop and the locals of South Side Chicago, which are played by Nicki Minaj and Deon Cole, Hip Hop and Rap stars. They perform some of the hilarious sequences in the movie.

These characters, along with Calvin and Angie, help the teenagers to realize that gang violence should not be a part of their lives. They will only be pushed further by the path of crime to return home with a body bag.

It is well-paced, and many serious subjects are humorously dealt with. We’ll now find out where Barbershop 3 was filmed so you can have an even better experience next time you see this movie.

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The Filming Location of Barbershop 3 Let’s Get to Know the Movie!

Barbershop 3 was filmed in Chicago’s south side, Illinois. However, the majority of filming took place in Atlanta. Director Lee set up camp in Atlanta, Georgia, to film for various reasons.

South Side Chicago has a high crime rate. This motivated the crew to avoid choosing locations with criminals. Let’s now learn more about the specific locations used for filming!

Atlanta, Georgia

The director and his production crew started the film’s principal photography in March 2015. Atlanta, GA, was selected as the best place to recreate Chicago’s south side neighborhoods.

The majority of outdoor scenes were filmed on Inman Street or Laurel Avenue. The scenes in the Barbershop were shot at a studio near Ralph David Abernathy Boulevard.

Although initially, it was difficult for the production crew to manage the crowds at the locations, they eventually managed to adjust filming times to avoid any disturbance. Director Lee was prepared and managed to film at the location in the planned time and without extra overhead costs.

Georgia’s Film Tax Incentives attracted the production to this location. This increased sustainability and gave them more financial flexibility. They also managed to save a substantial tax amount (talk about finesse).

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Chicago, Illinois

The film’s final sequence was shot from an aerial perspective using drones and a helicopter-mounted camera. To shoot the final sequence, special permissions were needed from the administration and city police.

The production completed all the paperwork in just four days, including filing for permission and filming. This location was also used for filming popular shows such as Prison Break, The Vampire Diaries, and The Bear. Movies like Top Gun and The Dark Knight were also shot there.

Final Words

Now that you know the story and where Barbershop 3 was filmed, I hope it inspires you to give the film a chance. The film’s funny story, clever screenplay, and hilarious dialogues will entertain you.

If you are more interested in the filming locations, you can look them up and plan your next visit to Chicago or Atlanta. Visibly has more information and entertaining articles on filming places for other movies and T.V. shows. Peace, until then!

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