Where was Alaska Daily Filmed | All Filming Locations!

Alaska Daily (2022) encapsulates Eileen Fitzerald’s life as a professional journalist and highly-trained reporter. She is forced to quit her high-profile job in New York. She is offered a job at an Anchorage daily newspaper. She gets her chance at redemption as soon as she moves there. She also learns a lot about her profession and herself.

All of the shooting for Alaska Daily was done in British Columbia and Alaska. The main locations in the two cities were Squamish and Metro Vancouver, Northwest Territories (Anchorage), and many others.

We will be discussing all things Alaska Daily. Pay attention!

Where was Alaska Daily Filmed | Are You a Fan of These Amazing Backdrops?

Tom McCarthy created the television drama series. It premiered on October 6, 2022. There has been a substantial increase in the number of viewers since its debut. This has led to viewers becoming more interested in the locations. Did you wait to see where Alaska Daily was filmed? This is something for you!

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Let’s now tell you where Alaska Daily was filmed. Take note of all filming locations and their important information!

Metro Vancouver, British Columbia

There are many locations for filming in British Columbia, but the producers of Alaska Daily chose Metro Vancouver. Season 1 was shot at Pine Street and Fortress Film Center by the cast and crew.

The production team recreated the sequence of the American Consulate. The team also visited Franklin Street to capture a few key sequences. It was quite hectic for them to travel to different locations, but they were able to handle the stress.

It’s good that Fire Country was shot in Metro Vancouver. It is a great location to film a series because of its energetic atmosphere and friendly residents. You can learn more about Metro Vancouver by taking some time out of your busy schedule. You can visit it and take a look around!

Squamish, British Columbia

The makers chose Squamish as their ideal location to shoot a few key sequences. They were able to get a lot of assistance from the government during filming.

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The outdoor sequences in Squamish were shot on Shannon Falls Road. Other locations that were striking were also used, but their identities have not been revealed. Many sequences I saw were in line with Walking Tall’s filming locations. Yes, this movie was shot in Squamish!

The Stawamus Chief, an enormous granite monolith, surrounds this district municipality the North of Howe Sound. The Britannia Mine Museum, which offers underground train tours, is what makes this town so special. It sounds quite exciting!

Canada, Northwest Territories

The Northwest Territories was another favorite location for Alaska Daily. A few of the climax sequences were shot in the North Slave Region. This was done to give the audience a sense of connection to the plot.

The production team then moved to Dettah after shooting there. Many sequences were shot here without any difficulties. A band office was used to portray the Meade Police Station. The team designed a fake crematory.

When I think about the Northwest Territories, I visualize landscapes, forests and mountains. This is because all of these things are available in large quantities here. You can also explore Dehcho’s National Park Reserve Centers and many other natural areas. This region is a must-see to learn more about the rest!

Anchorage, Alaska

The series’ plot is set in Alaska, so you would expect that it would be one of the filming locations. You’ll be surprised to learn that only a handful of the opening sequences were shot here. This is because British Columbia was the location chosen by the filmmakers to film the majority of the sequences.

The Alaska production team chose Anchorage to be their base. The makers also looked at Anchorage as an alternative location, but none of them was suitable for the exciting plot. Finally, the series was restricted to one location.

Let me help you find the best tourist spots in Alaska if you’re planning on visiting. By visiting mountains such as Talkeetna, Kenai and Chugach, you can explore the wilderness surrounding the city. You can also learn about the history of heritage sites, such as the Alaska Native Heritage Center. You can see traditional crafts and dance performances.

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Last words

These are the places you must learn in order to fully understand where Alaska Daily was filmed. You should also have options for planning your vacations with family members. These places are a great way to forget all of your worries and have fun!

You can also take a look at the In and Out locations for filming. These places will be a hit with you!

Is Alaska Daily still being filmed?

Yes, filming Alaska Daily continues and is expected to end by January 2023.

What is the length of Alaska Daily Episodes?

Alaska Daily is a series of 10-hour-long episodes.

What is Alaska Daily based on?

Alaska Daily was inspired by the “Lawless” series of articles that discuss s*xual violence and Alaska.

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