Where To Watch Viva La Bam?

“Viva La Bam The show reveals the hilarious stunts performed by the troublemaker Bam Margera, along with his skateboarding buddies. The episodes revolve around a particular challenge the theme, mission or mission that is carried out through a series that involve Bam’s family and friends. Parents, Ape and Phil, are often the targets of Bam’s antics, and so is his uncle Don Vito.

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Where To Watch Viva La Bam?

Jackass was the source of spinoffs, including Viva La Bam and Wildboyz and a wide selection of films. The 3 seasons of Jackass featuring eight episodes each are available accessible on Paramount Plus. The film Jackass Forever premiered in February. You can watch Viva La Bam by renting or purchasing it from Amazon Instant Video.

Bam claimed that MTV believed that the act was too easy to duplicate and worried that viewers would attempt to replicate it. So they decided to nix the show completely in the end, not just not broadcasting it, but also not making it available in any DVDs that were released by the company from “Viva La Bam,” making it the show’s most famous missing episode.

Did Viva La Bam get Cancelled?

After the airing of its finale in 2006 “Viva La Bam” remains loved by those who love Bam and “Jackass” and Bam himself even though most people aren’t aware of everything involved in its making or what transpired after it was over.

Which came first? Jackass and Viva La Bam?

Viva La Bam is an American reality TV series that features Bam Margera, his family and friends. This show was a spin-off of MTV’s Jackass where Margera along with the main cast starred.

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