Where to Watch Naked Attraction?

Naked Attraction is a British television game show about dating. It airs on Channel 4. One person is clothed and confronts six people naked, who are initially hidden behind booths. The successive rounds reveal their faces and bodies from the feet.

Each round the chooser removes one person, until they have left two. After that, the chooser takes off all their clothes to make the final selection. The chooser will then decide with whom they would like to go out. After the date, the program presents their feedback. It was premiered by Anna Richardson on 25 July 2016.

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Where to Watch Naked Attraction

Singles and couples are challenged to find love and connection on this show. They don’t even have to wear their birthday suits. You can currently watch “Naked Attraction” streaming on All 4 and Sky Go. All four seasons (40×60′) of the bold dating series Naked Attraction will be available on Discovery+ later in the year in North America. The episodes are currently available on multiple international markets such as Norway, Sweden, Finland.

What is Naked Attraction all about?

Unpopular dating series where potential partners are shown their naked bodies. Then, they have to strip down and make their choice. The controversial dating series where potential love interests are shown their naked bodies.

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What is the most recent series of Naked Attraction

Naked Attraction will be back for the tenth season. The contestants will have to strip down in order to find The One. Anna Richardson is the host. Participants choose a potential match based only on their naked bodies.

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