Where is Wrexham AFC Fan Michael “Scoot” Hett Now?

A sports documentary series, we can describe it as equally captivating romantic, fun, and a local-based community-driven. “Welcome to Wrexham is an FX unique series, unlike others. While it is true that Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds helm the production as the brand new owners of the 5th-level soccer (soccer) club, unwavering supporters are the main focus. One of the most notable examples is the role in the film of Michael “Scoot” Hett -and now, should you want to know more about his and his previous experiences and current status, We’ve got all the necessary information for you.

Who is Michael “Scoot” Hett?

Michael “Scoot” Keith Hett is a real resident of the beautiful county borough of Wrexham situated in Northeast Wales in every way you can imagine, born, brought up, educated and settled within the same area. So it’s not a surprise to find that he’s been an avid fan of the local association football team since you can remember, particularly since both of his parents were avid fans. This game has therefore been a major factor in all aspects of his life, such as how he spends time with his family, friends, and wife, or even the motivation behind his efforts to fight cancer.

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The lead singer and songwriter of The Declan Swans (since 1998) even confessed in the documentary that the top thing on his list of bucket list was and will be watching Wrexham become a household name. Michael was undergoing two major operations to ensure the total removal of the cancerous colon before balancing the chemotherapy regimen with his touring schedule. Still, the team was constantly at the forefront of his thoughts.

“I was pushed out for a good portion of the time during treatments ]…,” the proud cancer survivor has candidly revealed on his FX production. “I engaged in a lot of thinking. I was thinking about my schoolboy memories. I was thinking about my dad. My mom passed away a couple of years ago, and I could imagine what it might have been like in the case of Wendy (my spouse). I’ve not been married since I was about six months (2016). We have a lot of fun together. She also plays Wrexham, and I watch Wrexham. Football was an integral aspect of my thinking. I did not think about the possibility of death. I’d just consider, ‘I’m not ready to go this time; I’m going to watch Wrexham become a better team. ‘”

Where is Michael “Scoot” Hett Now?

As we can see via his social media accounts, Michael not only continues to live in Wrexham along with his devoted spouse Wendy Smithies Hett but is also a thriving creator. Actually, in addition to being a member of the Declan Swans, the socialist is also a writer and enjoys the idea of a poetic alternative he uses in his performances, speeches, and tweets.

We’d like to point out that Michael’s group (and consequently the singer) has been the subject of lots of attention over the past few years due to their catchy single “Always Sunny In Wrexham.” The single was released shortly after Rob and Ryan completed the takeover, with the lyrics exuding the hope of the overall progress in Wrexham -and it’s the one that fans can be heard singing in the stands during almost every game.”It’s massive,” Michael once stated during an interview about the club’s sale and the impact.

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“We’ve had a few shows in the past to raise funds for the cub and the Trust; however, there was an age where we were not doing anything. I’m not convinced that even the club could have survived covid if I’m honest. This kind of takeover is beyond words. Ryan and Rob appear to be decent individuals. They are community-minded and don’t have a bad incentive like the ones we’ve received in the past when we’ve been taken advantage of. It’s all great. Rob has admitted that he has many similarities between Wrexham and Philadelphia, that’s great. I’m chuffed.”

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