Where is Wife Swap Haigwood Family Now? The Family Leads a Secretive Existence Away From The World

Iowa’s Haigwood family was featured in an episode on ABC’s popular television program “Wife Swap”. The show ran for 40 minutes and provided an outline of the life of self-sufficiency of Mike, his wife Barb, along with their twin daughters, Lee as well as Aleesha. The Haigwood family was a firm believer in the importance of eating raw food and brushing their teeth with raw butter.

The closest town from the Haigwood farm, the family, was about 45 minutes away. The matriarch of the family had made a vow to keep the mainstream lifestyle out of her house. But, she was able to enjoy the urban life after living with the family of Hess-Webb for two weeks. Barb returned with her legs shaved with a beautiful dress and high-heeled sandals.

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Haigwood family leads a secretive life far from society.

Barb’s encounter with the Hess-Webb family didn’t alter her view of life. She returned wearing high-heeled shoes and a dress; however, we’re guessing that she quickly tossed them out to wear her stained overalls.

There’s been no news about the Haigwood family after their 40 hours of fame on the show Wife Swap. We believe that the family moved into their rural home and then resumed their lives as they were before the reality TV cameras arrived.

You’ll likely see you’ll see the Haigwoods taking care of their livestock and crops on their farm near Massena, Iowa.

What was the method used by ABC persuade the Haigwood family to be in a reality show? As per the radio station Iowa, Barb was aware of the show and sent an email to the producers, saying that they were interested in participating in the show.

A week after, ABC ‘sent an entire crew to make an app film.’ Barb had an easy time adjusting to the city than Kim Hess-Webb, who was running Haigwood Farm. Haigwood farm.

“By the next morning, Kim has a breakdown, abandoning her trailer at the farm, and only stepping out for milking the cattle and do other farm chores, which she is unable to complete,” a press release from ABC reads.

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Mike experienced a more difficult experience when he cried uncontrollably after his children, and he had dinner cooked at first for a while.

We believe the Haigwoods were delighted to celebrate their mother’s return and eagerly began their new routine following Barb’s return.

Barb declared that she had a great time and enjoyed her experience, but she wouldn’t wish to repeat the experience.

At present, Lee and Aleesha are fully mature adults. It’s not clear if they continue to reside with their parents on the farm.

Despite many complaints from citizens, the authorities determined they were able to prove that the Haigwood family lived in accordance with the law.

It was normal for complaints to pour during the following The Wife swap episodes. Following the episode of Haigwood/Hess-Webb airs, the public was outraged at Mike as well as Barb’s parenting style. Many complainants complained of Mike and Barb of child abuse.

In the show, Lee and Aleesha stated that they don’t attend school and that Lee’s education includes counting eggs laid by a chicken. Barb’s belief that children should eat every two or three hours stunned viewers and provoked critique.

Barb would wake her children awake at the end of the night to drink the kefir-based beverage. The matriarch also said that eating only raw food was a way to help the family to manage Aleesha’s ADHD.

Iowa State officials have acknowledged the complaints but have cleared Mike Barb and Mike Barb of any violations. As reported by the Register, Iowa’s Department of Human Services concluded that “unorthodox diets and dirty housekeeping’ do not amount to child abuse. Roger Munns, a Department of Human Services spokesperson, has stated that:

“DHS will only look into cases of child neglect and abuse where there is a reliable report, which constitutes abuse if found to be by the facts. The reports do not exceed that threshold. Foodies who eat strange food and feed their children the food aren’t abusive, and neither are those who live in homes that aren’t clean.”

Superintendent of the school district, Steve Pelzer, stated that authorities had granted permission to the Haigwoods to let their children homeschool. The superintendent added that a certified teacher monitors the children’s progress.

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