Where is Wanna Marchi’s Customer Milva Magliano Now?

Wanna’s rise to fame and the abrupt fall that followed as the “Queen of the Teleshopping industry” is an intriguing story that’s discussed on Netflix’s “Fortune Seller The television Scam.’

The four-part series follows Wanna’s humble beginnings through her time in prison for fraud. The viewers will also get to know Milva Magliano, a fascinating character from the life of Wanna. So, if you think about what transpired when Milva and Wanna became acquainted, Here’s our information.

who Is Milva Magliano?

Before her success as a television salesperson, her business was already up and running. She had a modest beauty store located in Ozzano dell Emilia, Bologna, in Italy. It sold perfumes and other products and was located right near Milva Magliano’s workplace. Milva was a frequent customer; within six months, Wanna earned enough cash to purchase an empty storefront. In the following years, she decided to venture into the world of television. In June 1986, the store caught fire, and everything was destroyed. Wanna told me that at that time, Milva offered her help. She suggested that she use her contacts to discover who was responsible.

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The show featured Milva speaking about her life in which she revealed that she had spent some time behind bars for one two and half years while her age was greater. The time was when Milva was charged with being part of organized criminal associations and later convicted of aiding and abiding by a wanted criminal. Thus, Milva figured out what was going on and discovered that the culprits who started the fire were members of their family of Wanna. The family was known to the Calabrese family, and their son was brought up with Wanna’s daughter Stefania.

In the following years, Milva stated that Wanna came up to her and asked to speak about something that was important. In the past, Milva owned a business that was devoted to Business Accounting. As per Milva, Wanna told her she was having difficulty paying her bills because her couriers weren’t paying her, and someone was taking her from her. Milva said that the two were in agreement, written in writing that she had loaned her 315 million lire. The time was when Wanna needed money to have her items shipped. Later, Milva came on board as a director to aid in the process.

Which is Milva Magliano Presently?

Milva Magliano said during the program that she could access Wanna Marchi’s office and files at the time. She discovered that several expenses were not indirectly related to the business, which led to Wanna’s financial difficulties. Then, in 1990 Wanna declared bankruptcy. However, she was later detained for fraud. Bankruptcy. For Milva, the woman was taken into custody as she was a part of the business.

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It seems like the relationship with Milva Magliano Wanna Marchi didn’t go beyond that. Moreover, the latter declared that Milva had never done anything to help her during the TV show. It appears that Milva is a free woman and is living in Ozzano, but not much is known about her since she’s decided to keep an unassuming appearance.

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