Where is Tyler Henry’s Dad Now?

In both E! “Hollywood Medium” and Netflix’s “Life After The Death With Tyler Henry,’ it’s obvious that the world-renowned medium of clairvoyance Tyler Henry is incredibly close to his parents.

In all likelihood, they’ve been his biggest supporters regardless of what, standing with him every step of the way, not only to give a hand to guide him but also to provide loving assistance.

There’s only one difference: while her mother did it openly for many years, his father prefers to stay off the spotlight. Let’s discover everything we can learn about him. Let’s get started.

Who is Tyler Henry’s Father?

Tyler Henry Koelewyn was born on January 13, 1996. He was the sole child of Californian residents Theresa Koelewyn and David G. Koelewyn, who’ve been friends since they were 15. The first was raised in an uncertain situation, and the latter lived a fairly secure life as the child of Barbara Anne and Henry Koelewyn (Netherland immigrants). Still, their fundamental values have always been in line. This includes a feeling of trust, love, and trust, which is why they’ve gotten through all the changes and challenges of life in tandem over their three decades of married life.

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“[My dad David is] an incredible source of support, and his encouragement gave me the strength to share my [mediumship] ability,” Tyler posted in part on Instagram in the days before Father’s Day 2017. Two years after the same day, Tyler wrote, “Today, I’m being reminded of the blessings I have to have a caring father but also the privilege of being able to be a part of his life as an adult.

It’s an honor to have an uncle who is someone I would like to have a relationship. His devotion to his child was greater than all his “coming outs” he was confronted by his parents. Because he knew that love was paramount and a priority, he let me shine.”

Where is Tyler Henry’s Father Now?

Like we said earlier, David Koelewyn prefers to keep his distance from the spotlight in the best way he can; however, we can tell that he is completely content with the current situation. According to what we’ve seen, the current location is Hanford, California, alongside his gorgeous spouse Theresa Koelewyn.

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He works in the city and surrounding areas as an established Tile Contractor. He appears to be an incredibly proud husband and father who believes that honesty and perseverance are the most important thing of all. These are the values they have evidently instilled within his son.

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