Where is Travis Forbes Now | Kenia Monge’s Killer Today!

NBC’s Dateline’ explores various heinous crimes through the eyes of those closest to the case. The authorities had no clue who was responsible for Kenia’s murder until they got a lucky break. Her parents reported the case to the police after Kenia disappeared in Denver in April 2011.

Where is Travis Forbes Now? Travis Forbes, a stranger, seemed to have been in contact with Kenia on the night that she vanished. Travis Forbes was pulled into question and told that Kenia had been with Dan while he was with his girlfriend.

The cops examined Forbes more closely after he disappeared. They found evidence that he was driving a cooler the night Kenia disappeared. His van was also suspiciously cleaned, so the girlfriend’s alibi didn’t hold.

During interrogation, Travis surrendered it, admitting that he had raped Kenia and choked her. He led authorities to her body five months after her disappearance in September 2011. But Where is Kenia Monge’s Killer Today?

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Where is Travis Forbes Now?

Travis was arrested for murder on September 8, 2011, just one day after the body had been recovered. He was currently in Larimer County Jail on another charge at the time. Forbes made a deal with law enforcement agencies to get Kenia’s body. He is not to be called a sex offender. He was able to reduce his sentence by avoiding the death penalty.

For the murder of Kenia, he was sentenced to life imprisonment. Forbes attacked Lydia Tillman, a Fort Collins woman who was. Forbes barely made it to the other side. For her attempted murder, he was sentenced to an additional 48-year term. Ford’s sentence doesn’t include parole, and he will never see the outside of prison walls.

He is currently being held at Colorado State Penitentiary. This prison houses violent and disruptive offenders. Check out Travis Forbes’ prison record. According to reports, Forbes expressed anger, disgust, and no guilt while in prison. He stated that he couldn’t look in the mirror, so he had to cover it up. Forbes’ quick sentencing saved Kenia’s family. Her stepfather also spoke out about the incident, saying that he was exhausted from dealing with it daily. Since April 1, he’s held us more or less hostage.”

Tony, Kenia’s stepfather, clearly resents Forbes for making their family wait for Kenia’s news. Forbes was clearly at fault. He also encouraged Forbes to help other families get closure and suggested that he might believe Forbes was involved in other deaths. Forbes expressed regret at the trial and admitted his actions were cowardly and horrible. However, he said that he should be remembered for who he is and not as the monster he has become. He must now face the consequences of his horrible crimes.

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