Where is Tim’s Ex-Wife Kim Strupp Donaghy Now?

A documentary focusing on the 2007 NBA scandal in which referee Timothy Donaghy was discovered to be gambling on himself game”Untold: Operation Flagrant Foul’ is unique to any other. It’s since this Netflix original gives viewers an insider’s view of the mystery of the matter via firsthand (albeit occasionally differing) reports of those who were either directly or indirectly linked.

For instance, the ex-wife of the officiant who was sacked, Kimberly “Kim” Strupp Donaghy. So if you’d like to know more about her, and her present situation, We’ve got the important details.

Who is Kim Strupp-Donaghy?

At the beginning of 1990, Kim first encountered Tim when he boarded an earlier morning plane departing from Moline, Illinois, to Chicago, Illinois, where she happened to be. “He was cute and cocky as all get-out,” Kim recalled on the Netflix original version, “and Tim said, “I’m going to be right next to you. I responded, “No, you’re not. You’re going to sit in your chair. He sat right next to me and immediately laughed and made me laugh the whole way.” Then, they began their romantic journey that ended with a tie-the-marriage (elope) in 1995. only the two of the couple were on the beach.

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Tim was already on his way from CBA to CBA and the NBA when they were married, and the flight attendant was determined to do all she could to assist Tim due to his constant determination. But, according to Kim’s account in the production, the husband’s entire attitude was one of complete confidence after the time he was appointed referee for the national league, and his conduct gradually changed. Kim realized that he was gambling, despite a restriction that prohibited it, and she was compelled to remind him to be cautious since if he fell into the river, he’d bring their entire family with the consequences.

The couple was slowly welcoming four gorgeous children into their home. Meghan Joan Donaghy, Shannon Pamela Donaghy, Bridget Leone Donaghy, and Molly Donaghy. They had everything one could have hoped for when they lived in a gated community, given that Tim was well-off through his income, had a betting scheme in place, and was genuinely concerned about their children. However, shortly after the scandal was exposed, Kim not only moved out, but she was also filing for divorce. The ruckus that surrounded their home (understandably) was not something she was looking forward to handling.

What is the status of Kim Strupp Donaghy?

Based on what we know, even when Kim and Tim separated to be done in 2007, the couple was still on friendly terms due to the relationship they shared and their sweet, caring daughters. Regarding her own status, she has transformed into an independent service provider in every sense since she completed a Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree while working as an Executive Assistant. Thus as she is 55, it seems she is an independent provider. Bradenton, a Florida resident, has been promoted to the concierge for The Sheridan in Lakewood Ranch.

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Kim’s status as a couple is undetermined at the moment, but her social media accounts reveal that she has a strong support system within her family. It doesn’t matter if it’s her parents, siblings, daughters, or extended family members. Kim a beautiful Illinois native and is very in touch with all of them. So, whatever the situation is regarding her personal life, she appears to be completely satisfied, and that’s the most important thing.

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