Where is Tim Donaghy’s Partner Jimmy Battista Now?

Operation Flagrant Foul’, looking into how this incident in the 2007 NBA betting scandal unfolded, We gain insight into not only the people involved but also gambling as an idea.

This is because this Netflix documentary is the first to feature personal accounts that reveal the reasons and how once-respected NBA referee Timothy “Tim” Donaghy staked on his own game. One of the people who will tell their story is collaborator James “Jimmy” Battista -So, today, if you’re looking to know more about him and his current status, you can find all the information you need.

Who’s James “Jimmy” Battista?

While Jimmy first met Tim when they were both attending the same high school, Cardinal O’Hara, located in Springfield, Pennsylvania, it took a few years before they became friends.

At this point, the latter became considered an NBA official, while Tim had established his status as an expert gambler with many nicknames, including “Bah-Bah” (or “Baba”) and “The Sheep.” According to the film, his strict, god-fearing family caused him to rebel during his early years, but only to be a part of a group with the incorrect crowd.

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“I graduated high school by the skin of my teeth ’cause I didn’t give a f**k,” Jimmy confessed in the film ‘Untold’, after which he said he lived an entirely different lifestyle once the time came to work as a waiter in the local area.

Anything from drugs to gambling was commonplace in the community he was serving, which eventually triggered his relationship with gambling, and the latter, too — and eventually, he became a well-known bookmaker. “I had a good personality to get information out of people on a one-to-one basis [no matter the league],” the former member of The Animals syndicate said, giving the reasons for his achievement.

But, after Jimmy was in dispute with the betting establishment in 2006 and decided to reach out to Tim via their school acquaintance Thomas “Tommy” Martino with the idea that it could be lucrative. He was aware of the NBA referee’s gambling problem due to his job, and they quickly agreed to collaborate to earn some additional cash.

Tim would pay for the bets, Tim would provide him with the picks, and he’d go with the idea. The reports of their meeting differ, but one that Jimmy did not hesitate to admit was that even though Tim was able to make $2,000 on each successful bet, at first, the odds were at least $2 million. In addition, it was stated that the man made anywhere from $20 to $30 million for the mob family.

What is James “Jimmy” Battista Now?

After Tim, Jimmy, and Tommy’s gambling scheme was brought to light in 2007. This professional gambling crook was the sole person who refused to collaborate with officials from the FBI at all in any manner, form, or form. He was prepared to stand trial with a maximum sentence of 25 years in jail, hoping to have the most serious charges against him dismissed.

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However, the prosecution eventually came up with the agreement. Instead of being charged with fraud, wire fraud, and gambling illegally, Jimmy was only convicted of the last one, a conspiracy charge to transmit betting, following an agreement to plead guilty. Jimmy was ordered to spend 15 months in federal prison.

According to what we’ve observed after being released from Metropolitan Detention Center-Brooklyn, New York, James “Jimmy” Battista has returned home to the state of Pennsylvania and lives an extremely private life.

He is aware that what he did was wrong, accepts all responsibility for every act, and appears to be in real regret, suggesting that he’s not gambling anymore, although we’re not completely certain. We know that he has an entire family with children, which means he could be more focused on taking care of and spending time with them in the present.

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